08 December 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool - Day 8

This month I'm joining Jamie Ridler and Shannon Ridler in their Kickin It Old Skool Blog Challenge.  It's a month long challenge that will encourage us to post every day.  If you want to join in, click here or on the button on the left side bar.

Day 8 - Where I am when I blog...

Today we've been asked to share where we are when we blog.  I have two areas that I work from when I blog so I'll show you both.

This is my desk in my studio.  The white part back beside the lamp is where my laptop goes when I work in there.  The desk is an antique that my brother found when he was doing house restorations.  It is a big old farmhouse type table that is put together with wooden "nails".  I love this table.  I use one corner as my desk and the rest as my work table for creating.

And this is where I blog from most of the time.  My corner of the sofa in front of the TV.  (Especially when a football or basketball game is on!)  I have a pillow that I put in my lap and then set my laptop on the "lap desk" that my Grandfather made over 30 years ago.  Back then we used it to write letters, or play solitaire (with real cards!).  Now I mostly use it to work on my laptop.  Every time I pick it up I think of my Grandfather.  He's in the photo hanging on the wall at the right corner of the entertainment center.  It's one of his football photos from college.  

So now you know where to find me when I'm blogging or just surfing. 

I'm cuddle up on the sofa now with my Grandmother's old bedspread.  I'm watching the Steelers game.  It's a messy day out.  The temps dropped to the low 30's and we have had rain and freezing rain.  It definitely looks like winter out there.

I'm off to finish watching the game.  Gotta cheer my boys on!

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Ceanne Bateman said...

It's nice to see the other bloggers live. It looks a cozy place. have a great day!