19 July 2014

the new neighborhood...

I think I am all Tea Partied out!  It took me several days to get through all the parties and I tried to reply to each comment but I'm not sure if I did or not.  If you commented and didn't get a message from me, I want to say Thank You for visiting and for commenting.  I was overwhelmed with all the lovely comments in such a good way.

I'm still settling in to my new place.  I need to hang pictures, set up altars and finish un-boxing the studio, but I'm taking my time and going through every item to put in it's proper place or decide if it needs to be donated.  I can't begin to tell you how many books I have donated.  In fact I have two boxes ready to take.  
Since the house isn't really photo ready, I thought I'd show you a little of my outdoor neighborhood.  

This is what is on the other side of my fence.  When I open my gate, I get to see this little pond.

These guys hang out in the pond a lot, as well as turtles and frogs. 

Oh my,  the frogs!  I've never seen so many frogs!  And those little suckers are fast.  I keep trying to get a good photo of them, but so far no go.  I'll keep working on it though.  

I had no idea the sound they make.  They start up at sunset and sounds very much like a bunch of little dogs dying.  It has taken a little getting used to.  I was sitting on the patio last night and saw at least 6 frogs climbing the walls and downspouts.  

This is my new sky.  It is so pretty.  I can see the moon and the sun come up.  No close trees to block the view but on the other hand, no close trees for shade either. 
And this guy...
 ...and his cousins are everywhere!  I've even had a few sneak in the house!
The super moon snuck up on me last Friday night while I was working on my MTP post.  I happened to glance out the window as I was going to get a glass of water and there she was.  

I think that is all for today.  Just wanted to share a little of my new world.  I went on a bit of an adventure today and I will share about that next time.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon.


12 July 2014

A Mad Tea, Indeed!

It's here!  It's here!  It's time for the Mad Tea Party!  Please come in and visit for a bit.  We have loads of treats and scrumptious tea. 

Tea time is around the coffee table today.  It seems most of the guests found the shrinking potion a bit early. 

Time for our audience with the Queen.  She brought her own special blend of tea and a mask for some reason.  Maybe she felt we should have a masquerade?

The Queen's jester came along for tea as well.  Oh the stories he tells!  He'll have us in stitches in no time.

 I think perhaps I should hold on to that key?!?  Wouldn't want to lose my only way to open the doors to Wonderland.

 A nice cup of tea and a few treats should be lovely right about now. 

 Perhaps an apple danish, molasses cookie, or a mini cupcake?  It all looks and smells so yummy!

Maybe just a bit of sugar for my tea...

 Oh, well, that's not quite the type of sugar I was thinking of...

 I see the Hatter is hiding out around the tea pot and the ladybug cake.  A good place I think.

 And there is Alice!  She seems to be carrying on quite the conversation with the ladybug. 

 Time to fill my teacup and have a seat.  Tea time is much better when one is sitting.  Trying to balance a cup of tea and a plate of treats is difficult but especially so when you must entertain a shrunken Queen.

 A little more fruit perhaps...

 Alice and the Hatter are heading through the looking glass.  I suppose that means tea time is over.  I really should get back on the hunt for my muchness.  I will find it...eventually!

 One more cup of tea and then I'm off on the hunt.  Mmm...lovely tea, but I seem to be feeling a bit...woozy.  Maybe I'll continue the search after a bit of a nap.

Thank you so very much for stopping in for Tea.  I do so hope you had a lovely time.  

Come back again and we can share another cup of tea.


ps... I'd like to give a huge hug and Thanks to our lovely hostess, Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for not only hosting this lovely day for the 7th time, but also for being such a marvelously fantabulous inspiration!  Be sure to pop over to her blog and enjoy her party, plus the list of other parties.

10 July 2014

checking in...

I made this bouquet on the day I moved out.  I wanted to have a little something of my gardens with me when I left.  I wasn't able to dig up any of my plants that I'd wanted to take with me.  I left behind hydrangeas that my stepmother had gifted me, a eucalyptus that I planted the first year I was there, my first peony, three foxgloves, lily of the valley, hellebore, dahlias and a spirea/snowball bush that had been a baby from my grandparents house.  It was difficult to leave those all behind.  I almost felt like I was leaving the people behind, but I know that is not so.

This is a mini harvest I had just before moving day.  All yummy stuff.

The past month has been a whirlwind of chaos.  Complications arose with the closings, the moving out, the moving in, that packing.  It was so overwhelming and I had a very difficult time functioning at all.  It all worked out in the end but if I ever have to move again, it will not be during Mercury Retrograde.  

Leaving the old house behind wasn't as hard as I'd thought.  And settling into the new place is easier than I thought it would be.  I'm mostly settled in, except for the studio.  I'm working away in there a little bit each day to get all of those tons of boxes unpacked.

I'll have a tour post at a later date.  I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I made it through the move.  Now I have a little tea party to put together.  I don't want to be late for that!!  :-) 

I'll leave you with a photo of last night's sunset after a thunder storm rolled through.


ps...see you on Saturday for a Mad Tea Party!