28 April 2013

a rainy day ramble

It's a grey, rainy day here in my little neck of the woods.  It's been a good day to veg on the sofa, get my blog reader set up (I'm using bloglovin') and thought I'd put up a post.  The past several days have been difficult.  My endocrinologist started me on a new med and it is really taking it out of me.  A panic attack on my way to the appointment wasn't a good start.  But I'm muddling through...

The garden is my sanctuary these days.  I find it very hard to leave the house much and when I do go out I hurry through my errands to get back home.  After Thursday's incident, it was being in the garden that pulled me back together. 

 Later that evening, something caught my eye whilst I was relaxing on the sofa.  The above little love fluttered onto my window screen directly across from me.  I got up and got the camera, went closer and took loads of photos.  It was still there when I closed up a few hours later at dark.  I've always loved dragonflies and even have a tattoo of one on my back.  To me they speak of change, rebirth and strength among other things.  It was a sign that I needed.  One that gave me hope that things will get better.

Saturday morning I went to our local farmer's market.  I hadn't been in quite a while and really enjoyed myself (despite my anxiety at the crowds of people).  I purchased quite a load of good fresh food and some locally raised meats.  Part of helping myself to feel better is to eat better.  I feel like this is a good start.  I'm trying to make certain to use it all up as I don't want to waste anything.  (kale, collards, strawberries, baby spinach, broccoli, greenhouse tomatoes and cucumber, carrots, stew beef, cube steak and ground beef patties).

I also purchased a few plants, two lovely geraniums - one pink and one red, and a three pack of foxglove.  I don't know what color the foxglove will be, but I like surprises like that.  I'm planning to put them in with my hellebore and lily of the valley.

I'm hoping this week will be better, even though there are more doctor appointments in the mix and supposedly lots of rain.  The rain is good for the garden and maybe will give me a chance to get some things done in the house.  I'd love to get my studio to the point that I could take some time to create something. 

I hope that the coming week brings you all lots of sunshine and smiles. 

24 April 2013


 maybe, i can try this again...maybe, i can think of things to write that aren't horribly depressing...maybe, it would be good to be back in this space...maybe...

after my last post and subsequent trip to the lake, it seems like i just kind of checked out of online life.  i think i've been on facebook for a grand total of 2 minutes since before i left for that trip.  i've just not really felt like dealing with it.  i haven't really been in blogland either.  i've come on a few times, checking in with some of my favorite sites.  i've missed you all, i really have.  course, then there is blogger itself which has been driving me nuts.  i'm looking around for a new platform.  typepad seems to be a really great one (lots of my favorite bloggers use it) but i just don't know if i can add the cost to my monthly expenditures.  in the meant time, i've cleaned up my blog a little and will try to get here more often.

the garden has been calling me, and with the help of pain killers (lots of pain killers) i've been able to spend quite a bit of time there, tending and loving.  i've always longed to have statuary and such in my garden.  i recently found a few things to add including the lovely goddess below

i've also been working on finding someone to dig out a large section of the yard (actually it's all ivy, volunteer trees with a few iris bulbs) to expand my garden space.  i'm hoping it will happen soon as i've loads of seedlings that will need to find homes in the garden soon. 

the above photo is just one of the trays i have of seedlings.  if they all get planted and all produce i will be overwhelmed with veggies this year.  i started some carrots in a section of one bed and they started sprouting very well, but it looks like something is getting to them.  i'm going to try to find some way to protect them until they're bigger.  i also started 4 rows of blue lake pole beans.  they've already sprouted and i hope to have lots of beans this year as well.

i'm off to the endo in the morning and am not looking forward to it.  my blood sugars have been super wonky for a while now and i can't seem to do anything to get them regular.  i'm hoping for a change in my meds, even though i'd really like to get off them completely.

well, i think that is it for my silly ramblings tonight.  i appreciate you for sticking with me and still stopping by every now and again.  i hope i'm not too boring for you.  :-)