31 December 2009

a review













I wish you a very Happy New Year. May you have all the happiness, joy, love, peace and prosperity you wish want.

30 December 2009


As most of you know, tomorrow is the last full moon of 2009. Not only is it a full moon, but it is a blue moon with a partial lunar eclipse. Even though the eclipse won't be visible on this side of the pond, it still has a lot of magical influence. On top of it all, it's a wishing moon. So, before you go to bed or at least before 3:14pm tomorrow, make a wish. Look to our lady moon and tell her your deepest desire.

I'm going to, before I go to bed tonight. I'll walk outside in the freezing temperature and even though it is cloudy and I may not be able to see her, I'll whisper my wish to the wind and know it is carried up to the beautiful, glowing orb in the sky.

My wish is almost decided upon. It is something I have dreamed of and longed for often. Something wished for in the past, despaired over and left forgotten. Something...important.

What will you wish for? (I don't really need to know, sometimes it is best not to share our wish. I just want you to wish for something.)

I've been thinking a lot lately about words. Last year about this time, a woman I greatly admire and respect told of her word for the year. On a friends blog, she had seen the idea of having a word to focus on for the year. It was a wonderful story of how she found her word and the idea was something that I really liked. Try as I might, I could never come up with one word. (I've seen this mentioned several times today on many a blog.)

When I think of what word I would like to focus on for the coming year, my brain is flooded with images of words. It's like a rushing river, words and pictures passing by so quickly, that to grab one is almost impossible. What do I want to bring to my life, I've asked myself. What do I want to improve? What do I want to let go? It seems so hard to choose. I'm still searching for my word. I'm not going to feel pressured to decide before the first. I'm going to have faith that it will come to me when it is time.

I'm sure I'll share when I find it. I hope you'll share yours, if you want, with me.


28 December 2009

Come and gone

I don't know about you, but I'm glad that the holiday season is winding down. This time of year is very difficult for me and I am always glad to see it end. The only thing that I like about this time of year, is the weather. Well, usually. Living in the south, we don't get much in the way of snow and our cold spells tend to be short-lived. We've already had a wonderful snow and the temps have stayed so cold that there was still quite a bit left on the ground on Christmas Day.

Our family is very small so we don't have much in the way of celebrations. My mum, brother and sister-in-law get together on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts. This year, thanks to all the illnesses of my kids and the economy, I just wasn't able to do much for anyone. My sis-in-law and I had agreed not to spend much on each other, just a few simple things. However, I discovered when I opened my gifts that my brother had overruled her and that "he wanted to do something special" for me. They gave me some cool Steelers related stuff, including an Official Myron Cope Terrible Towel. Then in the smallest box, was a picture of a composter and kitchen scrap collector that I've been wanting for a while now. I was shocked and well, really touched.

My mum and I went round and round the past few months about gifts. She kept asking me for my list and I kept telling her that the renovations on the house this summer was my gift for the next few years. I finally gave in and gave her a "wish list". I made certain to put several things on it that I knew she wouldn't get because they are expensive. I also put a few things that were not expensive, like thermal underwear and slippers. Well, she surprised me and gave me three things from my list that were not cheap. I was only able to get her one gift, and it really wasn't much. I feel so bad that she spends so much money on me and I can't do for her what I want.

Here are a few of the things I received...

This I have been wanting for years. It's still in the box, because I have such a small kitchen and little counter and cabinet space, I have to figure out where to put it. But once it comes out...the baking and cooking really begin.

My first Le Creuset piece. I'm also dying for one of the dutch ovens, but that will have to wait.

I received two chairs to add to my dining table, this way I can serve at least four people, along with The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, Photoshop Elements 8, and various and sundry things.

The rest of our family (uncle and cousins) came in on Sunday and we had our meal and gave the children their presents. Then most of them went shopping and the rest of us watch the Steelers game (Yay for a win!). Whenever they come down (which is two or three times a year), mum and I slave away to prepare a meal when everyone complains that it is too much and then they go shopping. We end up seeing them for about two hours and the kids are glued to their gameboys or ds and we can barely get a word out of them. I honestly just don't think it is worth all the effort that we put into it.

I tried this year, I really did. I put up the tree right after Thanksgiving. I decorated the house and participated in holiday activities at work. I did lots of holiday baking and tried to be there not only physically but mentally for family things. It just feels like such a sham.

That is how my holiday went, slowly when I wanted quick and quick when I wanted slow. It is almost over. The tree will come down tomorrow and all the holiday stuff will get put away.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday.

19 December 2009


Lookie what we got. I think the grand total came in around 5.5 inches. I love winter.

Dylan loves winter too. I let him out yesterday afternoon, while the heaviest snow was falling, and it took half an hour to get him to come back in.

This is my holiday baking weekend. Today I made two of the six things I plan to make...

there are peanut butter crackers under that chocolate...


There's more to do tomorrow. I hope I get it all done. I'll need to get an earlier start, if it is going to happen. :)

Does anyone know what type of plant this is?

Someone gave some out at work yesterday, but one person didn't want theirs and offered it to me. Never one to turn down a free plant, I took it. Now I just need to figure out what it is.

I'm off to bag up the pretzels and read some before bed.


17 December 2009

need a ticket out of migraineville

Yep, I'm living in migraineville this week and it is not a pleasant town. I missed work and most everything else on Monday and Tuesday, forced myself to go in on Wednesday and barely made it there today. Last night was a cupcake bake-fest for a work luncheon today. I made 40 cupcakes to take to work and spent 5 hours in the kitchen. When I was finally done, I walked away and left the mess (which I'm still working on cleaning up).

There is excitement in the air around here today as we are under a winter weather watch. It started with a forecast of 1-2 inches. Around 2pm today a look at the forecast had us in the 6-12 inch range (WHAT?!?) and then 20 minutes later, we were back in the 2-4 range which seems to be where the weather people are staying.

I am excited for the possibility of snow. I'll be more excited when/if it actually happens. The weather people down here have a history of false alarms when it comes to snow. I can always dream...

A few months ago, when I was going through a serious downswing, a friend of mine suggested I do an uncrossing. It took me a while to get the things that I needed. I also put it off because I didn't think it would help based on my "symptoms". But tonight I decided I needed to do it.

So I pulled out my supplies and started the process...

working my mojo

I'll pray every day as I light this candle. Once it's finished burning, I'll do a reversal and then see how things feel. You know, I really don't do enough magically/spiritually. I need to focus again.

Anywho, I need to make a list of supplies I need for some holiday baking I want to do this weekend. If the weather does turn, I'll run to the store tomorrow on my way home and get my supplies. Then I'll be all set for being snowed in. If it doesn't, and we only get rain I'll wait and go to Mum's on Saturday to let her help me with the baking.


As I wrote this I found we have been moved to a winter weather warning and with projected 3-5 inches. I'll believe it when I see it.

14 December 2009


trying... to work

trying... to smile

trying... to not be sad and depressed all the time

trying... to cope with the stress of the holidays

trying... to stand the loneliness

i really don't like this time of year. someone asked the other day what my favorite part of the holidays was and i couldn't think of a single thing. now, days later, i've realized the only thing i really like about this time of year is the lights. so many pretty lights all over.

i've tried to get in the spirit of the season, but i keep getting knocked back out. car trouble has taken the last of my savings this weekend. i'm struggling to get enough money to make it through the rest of the month. i'm supposed to make cupcakes for a work luncheon this week, and i don't have the money to purchase the ingredients...how sad is that?

i've been pretty quiet around here because i haven't had much to say. i still don't, it seems.

maybe later...


05 December 2009

An Awesome Giveaway

Jennifer over at Gypsy Mare Studios is having a fantastic giveaway. Please take a minute to check it out.

I won her Halloween giveaway and love the pendant I won and have received many compliments on it. I like it so much I went back and bought one! :)


03 December 2009

So far behind...

I am so far behind on so many things. I don't know how it happened, but the productive holiday weekend I had planned did not materialize. Instead, I spent three days in my pajamas and hoodie, curled up on the sofa with the beastie and kitty watching TV and reading. I only got dressed and went out on Sunday because it was our family Thanksgiving meal.

I decorated the house Tuesday night, except I have a plain tree sitting in my living room. The lights for the tree have been stolen by the light fairies, so I've got to get some today so I can decorate tonight. I promise pictures later.

I'm still trying to get caught up in bloglandia too. So many blogs that I love to read, it is starting to be all I do when I get home from work.

Anyway, I'm still here. I've moved from fall to winter and am ready for the snow that is forecast for our area on Saturday (a 90% chance!). I'll be doing my snow dance and snow spell all week. :)