31 December 2015

new beginning...

I cannot believe this is the last day of 2015.  I, also, cannot believe I haven't been here in over a month.  I guess that art everyday and the NaBloPoMo challenges fell apart.  Well...

I've been meaning to get here for weeks and whenever I would sit to write, no words came, but when I was busy and couldn't get here, words flowed.  Doesn't it just figure...

I'm not going to do a retrospective, it hasn't been that great a year.  But I am going to share a few things I hope to have in 2016.

 I'd like to have more experimenting in the kitchen and creating healthier meals (yes, I know that is a picture of cookies and chocolate covered peanut butter crackers...)
I'd like more courage in creating art.  Playing with paint, texture, paper, clay...finding a rhythym and style of my own.
I'd like more time in the garden, more energy to play with plants and create a small oasis for myself.
 Yea, that is more kitchen treats...  ;-)
 And yes, I'm always wishing for snow...
 I'd like more beautiful sunrises and sunsets, more use of my camera, more yarn, more walking, more time with friends, more blog writing and more adventures.

I'd like courage to explore myself and all the things I want to do and/or learn.  (I'm taking a chance on myself and joining in with the Creative Everyday challenge.  My plan is to post once a week showing what creative things I did each day). 

I'm planning to sign up for 2016 Red Thread Retreat and am so looking forward to going.  

These are the things I'm hoping to find in 2016, but not everything.  Is there something you are focusing on for your 2016?  Do you have one thing or many that you want to work on?

I hope 2016 is a marvelously, magical year for each and every one of you!  Thank you for sticking with me and I look forward to visiting with you all in the new year (and getting caught up from what I've missed this month). 

love & blessings