19 February 2012

take a step, follow a thread

earlier today i took another tiny step toward reclaiming my life. actually, for me it was a giant leap to creating a life i want and can enjoy. i cannot express how happy i have been today. ever since i signed up early this afternoon, i have felt happier than i have in two or three years.

i bet you are wondering where the "thread" comes in, aren't you? well, this is the step that i took: The Red Thread Retreat

so you see, i'll be following a thread, to learn some new things, to explore the world around me, to meet new people and most importantly, to LIVE!

it has been a very good day in my world. not only am i one of the lucky 15, but winter has finally put in an appearance...we have snow!


12 February 2012

returning to light...

...or maybe the word should be life...returning to life...that's how i feel. i can't believe how long it has been since i have posted here. so much has changed and yet so little. i felt bad for just disappearing, but i didn't really know what to do. i ran out of things to say. i tried to continue reading blogs, but honestly, seeing how much everyone did, how much you all LIVED, it just left me feeling quite useless.

the short story since my last post, is that there has been no improvement in my condition and doesn't appear to have any hope for any. also, i'm now on permanent disability - trying to make ends meet. i think it would be easier if not for all the medical bills each month.

so, here i am, trying to make the best of it...trying to get back to things that i enjoyed. hoping, somehow, i can find the light and follow it back to my life... i guess we'll see how that goes...