25 June 2009


Why is it so hard to make simple decisions? Is it because there are too many choices? Or perhaps because we just don't know what we like? I don't know. What I do know is that I spent an hour and a half in a big box store tonight looking at paint swatches. This after having spent several hours on two other occasions. Ugh!

Well, I finally picked a color for the walls (Arabian Sands) and trim (Ultra Pure White) as well as picking a stain for the wood floor (Provencial). I wish I had photos that showed the colors. You'll just have to wait until the work is done! :-)

Tonight is the NBA draft and I'll be watching to see where my favorite college basketball player of all time gets drafted.

My plants on my deck seem to be getting better. Mum was at the house today and watered the potted plants, but not the garden. I'll do that tomorrow.

I do have a few photos of garden progress...

bountiful beans

eggplant blossom with ladybug

can you guess what this is? it's a pumpkin bloom! i can't wait to watch it grow...

well...i'm off to knit on the baby blanket (it is taking forever! - picture tomorrow) and watch the draft...


23 June 2009


Wow...what a week it's been...

I lost internet connection at my home on Wednesday night, then Thursday was pack out and move day. That went pretty well given that two of the four guys that were going to help, didn't show until much later than planned. The work started at the house on Friday and on Saturday morning, mum and I went to do some weeding over there.
This is what greeted us on the front porch...

Here's another view:

All of that came out of the bathroom:

They also had to rip out the sub floors because they were rotted and apparently there were three sub floors. I wasn't able to get pictures of that, I'd forgotten to take my camera when i went to water the garden on Sunday morning.

Of course, when I tried to water the garden, I discovered that there is no water on at the house, so I can't water the plants. We are currently in a rain free weather pattern with lots of sun and heat... i'm hoping my plants will survive.

I just got back from going with my step-mum and dad to take their cat to the vet. She was 19 and had been in renal failure for 2 years. It was very hard to watch her leave this world and even harder watching my step-mum say goodbye.

I am way behind on blog reading but will try to get caught up soon. I saw in another comment that Dracenea gave me an award. I've never gotten a blog award before and can't wait to get to her blog and check it out. Thanks so much Dracenea!

I'll check in again when I can.

14 June 2009

almost time...

My house is a maze of boxes. All of my possessions are put away and waiting to be put in the POD that comes tomorrow. The renovations start on Friday. The photo above is of some of the supplies for the work that will be done.

With all the change that is going on in my life right now, I decided to make one more little change. I'll no longer be posting on my old blog. I'm making some changes here in an effort to merge my two very different sides. We'll see how it goes...I may decide that I don't like it and may go back to the old way of keeping two separate blogs.

I have a little bit more packing to do. I should be outside mowing but really don't feel up to it. Tomorrow the landscaper comes to tackle the jungle that is the backyard and the POD arrives. I'll get to start packing it up. The furniture gets packed up on Thursday and I'll be staying at my mums from then until the end of the renovation. Currently we are looking at 27 days before I can bring my kids home. That is a really long time for them to be cooped up. I wish there was another way, but unfortunately there is no other alternative, except not doing the renovations.

Anyway, that's about all I have right now. Except for a few photos...
my beans are flowering

tomato blooms

daylily blooms


12 June 2009

favorite flowers

i love hydrangeas... i love the colors and how they can change depending on your soil...i love the leaves and how they each look a little bit different.

all my time has been spent packing and working on a baby gift. i'm almost done with the packing...i'm at the point where i just have to walk around the house and box up the little stuff that is left around. yesterday i went to look at kitchen cabinets with mum. she's now decided that instead of replacing half of the cabinets, we should paint the entire inside of the house and then in a year or two i can replace the kitchen cabinets. this has turned into such an ordeal...i'm worried about how my kids will handle being locked in cages for almost a month... looks like i will be out of the house for 27 days unless they finish earlier...

posting will continue to be sporadic...once i get moved out and over to my mum's i'll be working on my goods for the shop local fair i'm participating in...


06 June 2009

Photo Hunt #15 - advertisement

my new business cards arrived just in time for this weeks photo hunt picture...