12 June 2009

favorite flowers

i love hydrangeas... i love the colors and how they can change depending on your soil...i love the leaves and how they each look a little bit different.

all my time has been spent packing and working on a baby gift. i'm almost done with the packing...i'm at the point where i just have to walk around the house and box up the little stuff that is left around. yesterday i went to look at kitchen cabinets with mum. she's now decided that instead of replacing half of the cabinets, we should paint the entire inside of the house and then in a year or two i can replace the kitchen cabinets. this has turned into such an ordeal...i'm worried about how my kids will handle being locked in cages for almost a month... looks like i will be out of the house for 27 days unless they finish earlier...

posting will continue to be sporadic...once i get moved out and over to my mum's i'll be working on my goods for the shop local fair i'm participating in...


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Dracenea said...

Good luck with everything!