30 April 2010

hmmmm - updated

Two more days of migraines this week has me really off my game. I want so badly to be out in the yard, or doing something creative or even reading a book. But the pain seems to be too overwhelming for anything more than lying in bed or on the sofa.

I've been dying to try a new recipe for almost a week and finally made myself get up long enough to do it. It doesn't really take long and is almost finished in the oven. I can't wait to try it. I think I might have used a little too much canola oil because the oven is very smoky when I last checked on it. It comes out in just a few minutes and then we will see...

I'm going to try to work in the garden tomorrow morning. I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but my dad and I are going to garden together at my house. We are planning to work and get some stuff planted tomorrow. He is not a believer in organic gardening, but I've told him that there will be no chemicals in my garden so he has to give it a chance. I guess we will see how this goes.

I'm going to check on my dinner now and see if I can find some veggies to put with it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Updated to add -

this is the best chicken i think i've ever had... so moist and juicy and flavorful... i highly recommend you make this as soon as possible...it's easy to make and just well...perfect! :)


26 April 2010


you know how when you were a kid you used to twirl and twirl until everything was spinning around and even when you stopped the world kept spinning? that's how i've been feeling.. why i haven't been posting...

my head is constantly twirling and i've just not been able to stay still long enough to get my footing. there is so much in my head, so many thoughts and sounds, ideas and wants, so much pain and confusion that they just take words right out of my mouth. it takes away my ability to really communicate

because of the migraines, there have been numerous and varied medicines that have made me sicker than the pain of the migraines, days of nausea, vomiting - it isn't good for a diabetic to be unable to eat for days at a time. there have been lots of doctor visits, lots of blood work and other tests... i'm now required to take my blood pressure twice a day in addition to all i have to do for the diabetes.

i guess it all became too much and my mind has just been unable to form thoughts that could go here, on the blog, thoughts that i felt i could share. sometimes i feel like i am posting for all the wrong reasons and then other times, that i'm not posting the right things.

today is one of those bad migraine days...they come and go and when they are gone, i try to take advantage of the freedom and do things that need to be done, things that are fun because if and when they come back, everything falls behind again.

i've been able to get caught up at work...not completely, but i'm close to getting there, i think a lot of my stress will be reduced if i can get caught up, i'll feel like i'm making a contribution instead of constantly feeling like i'm letting everyone down.

home is basically the same, very behind on everything... i haven't even planted my vegetable garden yet. i hope that will be accomplished in the next few days. i was able to go out on saturday to the annual herbfest at our local farmers market. i picked up a few plants and didn't go overboard like i usually do...

i finally got my dahlia tubers planted and have been able to get some weeding done in various areas of the gardens, but there is still a long way to go.

i'm sure there will be more quietness here, until i'm able to start thinking straight again... there may be days of posts that have no words, just pictures and i hope you'll understand...sometimes i just have no words...