11 September 2007

B is for ...

Butterfly. Here are a few photos of butterflies that I found in my mum's garden. I don't get many in mine. I suppose I don't have enough flowers. I hope to remedy that at some point.

The cooler weather is supposed to be coming to our area soon. I do so hope it will arrive, but what I would really like is rain. I heard tonight that our city has only 75 days before we will run out of water. I wonder what happens then.

Happy New Moon.

10 September 2007

A is for...


I love apples. I think apples are one of my favorite fruits.

The granny smiths are my favorite. I like the tart, crisp taste. Which are your favorite apples?

09 September 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

My thumb hasn't been very green lately. It is just too dry here to get much to grow. My bell peppers dried up on the stalks. I do have some pictures to share.

Remember the mystery plant that everyone said looked like a certain non legal type of "weed"? Well, here is what it looks like when it flowers. Very pretty I think. Anyone have a clue now what it could be? I'd love to find out. I have another just like it that popped up in another spot and I'm thinking I'll move them both to a more convenient location. (growing between the slats of the garden fence is just not a good place for me) :-)

I think I've asked this before, but does anyone know what kind of shrub this is? One side of my yard has these growing along the fence and in some other areas that are just beautiful. Purple and white blooms. They remind me of hibiscus but I think they are too small to be hibiscus. If anyone knows what they are I'd love to know.

Well, that is about it from my boring dried up old garden right now. I hope the temperature cools down soon so I can get it ready for some fall plantings.