28 July 2012

A Mad Tea Party

Oh!  Hello, there!  Welcome!  Welcome to my first Mad Tea Party!  I am soooo happy that you could join me.  I do hope that you will have a fantabulous time!

Shall we go in and find the party?  Well, look at that!  I think that is a rabbit on that table.  Let's go and see, hmm?


It is so bright in there!  I wonder what that is...

There must be something going on in that room.  Let's head on in.  Hmm, the door seems to be locked.  I guess we need a key.

What magical looking keys!  Let's try one of these and see if it will work...

I think it is turning!  Yes!  Yes, it is! 

It worked!  The door is opening!  Look at that!

I can feel the magic flowing out of that room. Can you feel it?
We've found the party!  Let's go in!

We aren't the first to arrive, it looks like there are some guests already.  One very important guest!
The Queen of Hearts is here.  Apparently her croquet mallet ran off and as she was chasing it down she stumbled upon the party.  She's never one to pass up treats, you know.  She looks lovely, if a bit...err...shorter than the last time I saw her. 
She must have found a special treat!  Ha Ha Ha!  Oh, I'm feeling funny!  Wait...is the room shrinking?  Oh no!  I must have partaken of some of the bigger potion by mistake!  Oh dear!

 Well, it is a nice view... 

 I say, that hat looks familiar!  The Mad Hatter must have already been here and he brought a furry friend!  I wonder why he left his hat behind.

Oh look at those lovely chocolates.  Chocolate is one of my favorites, don't you know.  Can I pass you one... or two?
We mustn't forget to put on our party hats.  And let's get a cup of tea?

 So many wonderful treats to try.  Oh, I'm feeling funny again! 
 Hmm... look at that, is that punch?  I think I might have some of that.  It is rather hot outside.

 Look at the grin on this cat!  He must be the Cheshire Cat's cousin.  I'd say hello, but he appears to be sleeping.  Oh dear... I think I'm shrinking!  Don't drink the punch!

 Does this rabbit look hungry to you?  I promise, Mr. Rabbit, I would not make a good meal!  I'll just take this little cake with me and run, before Mr. Rabbit gets a good look. Lovely seeing you!

I hope you have had a fun time here at my little version of The Mad Tea Party.  I'm so pleased you could visit.  I hope that you will come visit me again soon.  Please don't forget to visit the Hostess with the Most-est, Miss Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist.
 Take a treat for later!  Just be careful of the punch!  :-)

love & blessings

11 July 2012

sleepless nights and rainy days...

our sky this morning...we had a storm on monday night that broke our heat wave.  from over 100 degrees down to 79 in the blink of an eye.  it was quite a storm.

it's been storming off and on ever since...

the garden survived, thank goodness.  of course with all this rain everything is shooting up.  well, the weeds are at least.  :-(

while i was in the mountains last week and for several days after i came home, all i could seem to do was sleep.  i went to sleep so easily every night around 10, sometimes earlier.  i would wake up around 7 and get up.  a few days i had to go back to bed due to the migraines.  it was wonderful to actually sleep. 

last night, well, i was not so lucky.  i haven't been to sleep yet.  i just can't seem to close my eyes.  hopefully tonight that won't be a problem.  especially if i keep myself busy through the day.  i went to the market this morning and picked up a few things. 

a couple ears of corn, a cantaloupe, a head of cabbage for either coleslaw or sauerkraut (or maybe both) and a small sweet potato for Papa Legba.

i did really well with my morning pages while i was away.  i have only missed doing it for one day and that was yesterday.  yesterday was a very bad day.  maybe that is why i couldn't sleep.  pain pill hangover?  oh well.  i did my pages early this morning.  i am really enjoying doing this.  sometimes i look back at what i wrote and think 'what the heck?', but then i remember it is just free writing.  it isn't going to be graded or published.  no one is going to tell me i did it wrong.  there is no wrong, just write...  hah!  get it?  i slay myself.  ;-)

well, i'm off to see about doing a little cleaning and finding a good coleslaw recipe.  any suggestions? 


02 July 2012

a peek in the garden

since i'll be away for the next several days, i went out into the garden just before dark to see what i was leaving behind. 

 black eyed susans starting to bloom

 blossoms on my pumpkin plant

 joe pye weed blooming

 eggplant blossoms


 grape tomatoes not yet ripe

blue lake pole beans freshly picked

i'm hoping to come back to ripe tomatoes, eggplants and pumpkins starting to grow, more beans, and sunflowers blooming...

i did my morning pages this morning, although it was just past noon when i finished.  i don't know why i'm unable to get my schedule to a normal one.  i can't fall asleep until after 2 or 3 am most every night and then don't wake up until close to noon or after.  i have to figure out how to get it switched to a better schedule.  with the heat in the summer, i need to be up super early in the am so i can work in the gardens. oh well...

i still need to pack, shower and finish straightening up around the house before i head out early in the am.  some how i think this is going to be a sleepless night, unless i wait and do what i can in the morning... maybe that is just what i'll do.

have a wonderful week and if you're in the USA or an ex-pat somewhere else, have a safe and happy 4th!  i'll be back online later in the week.


01 July 2012

finding inspiration...

Do you Pin?  You know, Pinterest?  I've been reading about it on lots of blogs lately and even on Facebook it shows up.  I haven't tried it, mostly because I already waste so much of my time on Facebook.  I have looked at several pages that bloggers I read have shared.  So many beautiful images.  I can't decide if it would be inspirational, time wasting or depressing.  What are your thoughts? 

Tonight I found a new inspiration to try.  Jamie is hosting Morning Pages in July.  Basically you take a little time every morning to free write.  I've been wanting to do this and her post couldn't have come at a better time.  Check out her post so that you can get the details to see if you would be interested in joining in. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  Stay cool!