11 July 2012

sleepless nights and rainy days...

our sky this morning...we had a storm on monday night that broke our heat wave.  from over 100 degrees down to 79 in the blink of an eye.  it was quite a storm.

it's been storming off and on ever since...

the garden survived, thank goodness.  of course with all this rain everything is shooting up.  well, the weeds are at least.  :-(

while i was in the mountains last week and for several days after i came home, all i could seem to do was sleep.  i went to sleep so easily every night around 10, sometimes earlier.  i would wake up around 7 and get up.  a few days i had to go back to bed due to the migraines.  it was wonderful to actually sleep. 

last night, well, i was not so lucky.  i haven't been to sleep yet.  i just can't seem to close my eyes.  hopefully tonight that won't be a problem.  especially if i keep myself busy through the day.  i went to the market this morning and picked up a few things. 

a couple ears of corn, a cantaloupe, a head of cabbage for either coleslaw or sauerkraut (or maybe both) and a small sweet potato for Papa Legba.

i did really well with my morning pages while i was away.  i have only missed doing it for one day and that was yesterday.  yesterday was a very bad day.  maybe that is why i couldn't sleep.  pain pill hangover?  oh well.  i did my pages early this morning.  i am really enjoying doing this.  sometimes i look back at what i wrote and think 'what the heck?', but then i remember it is just free writing.  it isn't going to be graded or published.  no one is going to tell me i did it wrong.  there is no wrong, just write...  hah!  get it?  i slay myself.  ;-)

well, i'm off to see about doing a little cleaning and finding a good coleslaw recipe.  any suggestions? 


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