02 July 2012

a peek in the garden

since i'll be away for the next several days, i went out into the garden just before dark to see what i was leaving behind. 

 black eyed susans starting to bloom

 blossoms on my pumpkin plant

 joe pye weed blooming

 eggplant blossoms


 grape tomatoes not yet ripe

blue lake pole beans freshly picked

i'm hoping to come back to ripe tomatoes, eggplants and pumpkins starting to grow, more beans, and sunflowers blooming...

i did my morning pages this morning, although it was just past noon when i finished.  i don't know why i'm unable to get my schedule to a normal one.  i can't fall asleep until after 2 or 3 am most every night and then don't wake up until close to noon or after.  i have to figure out how to get it switched to a better schedule.  with the heat in the summer, i need to be up super early in the am so i can work in the gardens. oh well...

i still need to pack, shower and finish straightening up around the house before i head out early in the am.  some how i think this is going to be a sleepless night, unless i wait and do what i can in the morning... maybe that is just what i'll do.

have a wonderful week and if you're in the USA or an ex-pat somewhere else, have a safe and happy 4th!  i'll be back online later in the week.


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Victoria said...

Gorgeous post..such wonderfully beautiful blooms and yummy veggies..thanks for this inspiring feast for the eyes.. Beautiful images..garden magic is alive here!!