27 November 2013

a few favorite things...

As I sit here typing I'm watching snow flakes fall outside of the studio window.  I've been out already twirling and soaking them in.  They are tiny (almost like mist) and then they become larger.  I posted a quick status about how excited I was to see snow on Facebook and my uncle commented that it won't last.  That right there, my friends, exemplifies my whole life.  Of course it won't last, it isn't meant to, but I can be excited that it is falling from the sky. Ugh!


Here are a few sights from my weekend just past.  Things that made me smile, grin or just sigh with happiness and joy.

 My Grandmother's Apple Pie.  I love this recipe.  I've never been able to get the crust to fit on just right (probably because I use the frozen kind).  But it is always delicious and just hits the spot on a cold day.

These guys.  Top to bottom: Faith, Snowball and Spirit.  I don't have words to describe what it was like being so close to them.  I haven't been near a horse in over 30 years and getting to visit with these three was just heaven.  Faith is skittish and didn't seem to like me too much.  Snowball was aloof.  But Spirit, oh Spirit was my friend.  He got so close he was practically hiding me.  I hadn't realized at first just how big he was (I was on the up slope of the hill).  But when he came up closer and raised his head to his full height.  Wow! 

He followed me around, letting me pet him, nudging me with his nose.  He just was so wonderful!  I hope next time I go I might get to ride him.  I was too nervous to do it even though my cousin offered.

Then there was this:

She was the biggest reason for the trip.  We went to Southwest Virginia to have Thanksgiving with my Cousin and her family and my Uncle.  This little nugget of preciousness is my cousin's newest daughter.  Oh my word!  The sweetest thing.  So worth the 6 hour trip.  And it was good to see my other young cousins and family.

Now this, I spotted through my back door while pie making the other day.  I hope my neighbors weren't looking out their back window as I'm sure they'd think I was being a peeping tom.  It took several tries to get a decent shot, although he sat there for the longest time.  I turned away for a second and he was gone as if he'd never been.

Sometimes I wish we didn't have televisions and movies, etc.  There are so many beautiful things to see in nature that we miss when focused on the other. 

Well, I'm off to get ready for a visit from my Sis-in-Law.  We are experimenting with a recipe for our Thanksgiving meal desert this afternoon. 

I hope those that celebrate have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends; and that those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day. 


26 November 2013

Good Juju

Have you heard about the newest superhero?  How he saved a woman from The Riddlers’ dastardly deeds and a sports mascot from The Penquin?  Have you heard about The BatKid?

Click on the links to see just a few articles.

Batkid!  My Hero

Batkid visits the Real Gotham

If places like San Francisco and New York City can get behind one young boy and help him live his dream, couldn’t we do that everywhere?  Couldn’t we do that for everyone?

I’ve been trying to write a good post about this story for days.  I just don’t have the words to express how much this touches my heart.  Hearing Miles’ (aka Batkid) story is what inspired me to start Good Juju.  Because how can we not feel good after reading about Miles and all the people that have gone to such lengths to help this child?  How can we not want to bring joy like this to our lives?

Good Juju!

ps... this is the first in what i hope will be a weekly series here where we find the good things making news and help push the good feelings and energy to the universe.  like attracts like so lets start spreading the good!

25 November 2013

something new

How many times do we turn on the news channel, or pick up a paper or check a news website and end up bombarded with all the horrible things that people do to each other.  How much of a 30 minute news program is showing something good, instead of something bad.  We all know there are robberies, homicides, rapes, war, fires, etc. ad nausea.

If you believe that like creates like, is it any surprise that things just seem to be getting worse, instead of better.  I wonder what the world would be like if we stopped focusing on the negative and started focusing on the positive.  What if instead of starting our days watching or listening to a news program that shows the horror of our world, we spent that time experiencing the good that people do for each other?

I stopped reading the news years ago.  It was just all too much for my soul to take in.  I was already dealing with my illnesses and being unable to function in a normal way and every horror story that I read about a parent harming their child or a rape or an animal being tortured and mutilated just tore another hole into my spirit and soul.  I needed to get away from the nightmare, so I stopped reading or watching the news.  Occasionally I’ll check out CNN or our local news web site to see if there is anything really important that I need to know but it still is very hard to get through it.  All the negativity just increases each day, at least it seems that way.  

Two weeks ago I believe, I saw a very special story that just touched my heart so much and made the wheels in my head start turning.  I keep thinking that we need more good news in our lives to replace the bad, something that can build on itself and hopefully turn the tables.   

If an effort to do my part and also cheer myself up a bit, I’m starting a weekly segment here on my little blog called “Good Juju.”  It will be a post about good news that has happened in our world lately.  I’d love to have any suggestions for it and if there is something in particular you’d like to see or a place where I can find good stories, let me know. 

Let’s bring something good into our lives and spread that peaceful vibe to the universe.  Here we go…


16 November 2013


Saying a prayer daily for assistance with my house sale, lighting candles as the sun sets, watching the moon rise behind the trees.  These things have been helping me retain the peace that I felt while I was in the mountains.  There have been a few bad days, health and family issues causing more chaos than I would like to deal with in my life.

Today I went back to making things.  I created seven mini spirit wreaths.  I hope to take them to a local shop this week to see if I can put them on consignment there.  If not, I'll probably try to set up an online store through Etsy or some other site.  I've been wanting to do just that for a while and may go ahead and do it. 

I also spent some time working on backgrounds.  I found one of my acrylic paints is close to drying out (another had dried out completely) so I wanted to use as much of it up as possible.  I painted several sheets of mixed media papers with it to start projects.  I have been playing with a canvas for a few days.  I find that I have an idea, sort of, then I start on it and it morphs to something else.  I have no idea what it will turn into, but I'm enjoying the process.

Here is wishing you a beautiful full moon and a lovely coming week. 

11 November 2013

the return

I would say that I am home, but it doesn't really feel like it.  So, I'll just say I am back.  Home was were I spent last week.  That I believe is where home really is for me.  The fresh air, the hills and valleys.  The peace in my heart and soul.  Home.

Yesterday I came back, only to have to vacate the house again for a showing.  Today is getting back to normal routines, catching up on mail, email, blog reading, laundry, unpacking, etc.  I hope to be back in the next few days to share about my trip.  It was so...refreshing.


04 November 2013

a ramble

A few of the geraniums are blooming their last.  The way the light hits the blooms you can almost see through them.  Like letting the light into all the dark corners of our world and ourselves.  When Autumn comes and the darkness grows, I tend to become a morning person.  But during the spring and summer when there is more light, I am a night person.  I think, overall, I prefer the mornings.  It is so much quieter than night. 

Today was a trip to the hospital a few hours away for more tests.  I have no idea how long it will take to get results, but all I can do is hope that they will find some answers. 

Tomorrow I head off to the mountain house for the rest of the week.  I haven't been in so long and I've been wanting to spend time there.  I feel such peace when I am there, like nothing I've ever felt.  So today is packing up clothes, food and accessories to take with me.  I always have no idea what to take, as I don't know what I'll feel like doing while there.  I'd love to take my art supplies, but picking and through them is overwhelming.  I will take my sketch book and pencils/pens.  I don't know that I'll take anything else. 

There is no Internet at the house so I may be offline until I get back, unless I can figure out how to use my phone as a hot spot or head to the bookstore that has wi-fi.

Thank you to those that visited for the Haunted Halloween Tea Party.  I'm so glad to have had you come by and hope that you will come back again.