16 August 2012

more random ramblings...

 When I mowed the back yard on Monday, this is what I found.  Isn't it beautiful?  I planted this dahlia two springs ago.  It is the only one I have and I always forget how late it blooms, so I forget I have it.  I found at least three buds on it.  I keep going out every day to see how it is doing.

 This was dinner tonight.  I made biscuits and had them with butter and peach jam.  I went the easy way and made them with Bisquick but they were pretty good.  The jam is my first attempt at peach freezer jam.  I was very worried, but it was so delicious!  I need loaf bread so I can have a peanut butter and peach jam sandwich.  :-)

Getting back into the blogging habit is harder than I thought it would be.  I think of things that I want to post about, but never at times that I can get to the computer.  Then I want to have nice photos and have become addicted to editing them first and putting on these cute borders.  It takes time, but it's fun.  I'll get there.  I am doing better with keeping up with my blog roll, so that is something.

August is now half over and September (and Autumn) are on their way.  I've been able to turn off the A/C and tolerate the temperature during the day.  At night the temps are dropping to the low 60's, so it is perfect open window sleeping for me.  I'm hoping for another trip to the mountain house soon. 

I'm starting to get into the mood for Autumn.  I'll start changing out my decor for fall in September.  Meanwhile, it is time to plan the fall garden.  The beans are just about done producing, so I'll need to pull them out soon and plant something else.  Well, I'm off.  I hope you are all having a lovely week.


11 August 2012

saturday ramblings

Hello there!  It's good to come back after all the tea party madness.  Thank you very much to everyone who stopped by.  That was my first time participating in one of Miss Vanessa's soiree's and I must say I had soooo much fun!   If you'll notice in the above picture, I managed to make my way to a big box book shop earlier this week and picked up a few things.  The magazine has a feature on Miss Vanessa and I was thrilled to find a copy.  One of the things that I realized while prepping for the Mad Tea Party was that I have never actually read Lewis Carroll's books. (I've seen both the Disney animated movie and Tim Burton's version.) So, I picked up a copy.  I will be even more prepared for next year's party.

 Check out what a good friend presented me with this week.  Yes, that it is...my very own Lily Munster doll!  Isn't it just fab!!  I love it!!  We have this little joke between us.  I'm Lily and she's Morticia (Addams - from the Addams Family).  I can't wait to add her to my collection.

 Dinner tonight.

 A fresh bell pepper from the garden, stuffed with chicken & rice w/mushrooms that I had leftover.  I like being able to mix something new from leftovers.  This was delicious!

Pumpkin blossoms on the vine.  I so, so hope these will turn into little pumpkins.

Last, but certainly not least, my san marzano tomatoes.  I cannot wait to taste them.  If they turn out to be half as good as I'm expecting, then I will order seeds early as opposed to trying starters.  I went through four starter plants and this is the only one that survived.

If you've been with me for a while, you may remember that August is not my favorite month of the year.  August means many things to me.  Heat, start of school (the busiest month in my previous employ).  On top of being unbearably hot (to me anyway), bad things seem to always happen in August.  I am so happy that the month is already almost half over.  I am very hopeful to make it through this month without anything bad happening.  There are a few good things about August and as I'm trying very hard to be grateful and recognize the good - instead of dwelling on the bad - August means that fall is on the way and of course, football.  :-)

I need to get started on my fall garden planting.  I need to decide what to plant, maybe some kale (for making soup) and collards (because I love, love, love collard greens).  Oh, and garlic...lots of garlic.  Do you have a garden?  What do you plant in the fall?  I would love some suggestions. 

I just wanted to pop in for a brief ramble.  I've laundry in the dryer and dishes that won't wash themselves.  I hope that you are having a marvelous weekend.  I really am going to try to be around more on here and also stopping by your way.  I'll give a wave when I can.


ps...does anyone who uses blogger know how to get those thin black frames off the pictures?  i've hunted through the settings and just can't find anything.  if you know, please drop me a line.  thanks!