06 February 2013

wispy, slow days...

February...already... how does the time go by so quickly?

It's been rather springy weather this past week.  I've spent a few days in the garden, put-zing around.

 I've been taking it kinda like this guy...s-l-o-w...  So long as I take my time and don't work too hard, I seem to be able to get through without too much pain.

My seed orders arrived and I spent time going through all the ones I've collected over past years, sorted them and put them in better storage.  I made notes in my garden journal of what I have and what the packets said about planting, growing, etc.  I'm a little confused on some things, I'll have to do some research.

Now that I have all these seeds, I've still to sort where they will all get planted.  Somethings that I would grow for herbal medicines or vegetables can't be grown on the side by the wood fence due to my neighbor's father's love of  roundup weeding.  Drives me nuts...

I'm planning to eventually have a long border along the fence of flowers.  I do need to move my Joe Pye this year - but to where, I've no clue.

These lovelies are sprouting up.  I've been saying for years that I want to add more crocus, daffodils and tulips to the gardens.  Hopefully this will be the year.

I've also spent lots of time in the studio.  The creating bug has bitten and I'm happily making things.  I seem to be keeping a sketch pad close by everywhere and can see improvement in my sketching.  Happy, happy!

I'm off to the lake this weekend for a visit with friends.  The daughter of my heart (but not my blood) is riding up with me tomorrow with everyone else following Friday. 

Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger?  For months I've been unable to get to my reading list.  I can't change it and have reached my Blogger allowed limit and cannot add any new blogs to my list.  It is unbelievably frustrating!  I'm seriously considering moving to another service.  Any recommendations?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I hope to have photos from the lake next time.  I'm planning on working on my photo-taking skills while there.


PS...If you live in the Northeast of the US, I hope that you stay safe and warm.  I'm a bit envious of the blizzard, they say is headed that way.  I've never lived through one, but I've always wanted the experience.
Stay safe!