17 August 2007

Question for the gardeners...

Help! What is wrong with my eggplants? I don't have a photo, but I can describe them. I was expecting them to be the long fat eggplants, but these are more of a large egg. They are turning purple, but now are turning a yellowish color. Have I waited too long to pick them?

Any suggestions?


02 August 2007


Yes, we have tomatoes...

I know, again it has been a long time since I posted. I haven't really had much to say. The garden is out of control, the yard and herb beds are all out of control. It has been so hot that I have barely been able to go outside long enough to check to see what needs to be harvested. The heat is unbearable and is made even more so by the mosquitoes. I had one bite my eye earlier. Ugh...

I'm still swimming every weekday. I have been going for two weeks. I have only missed one day and that was this past Tuesday. I was so sick I could barely move and didn't go to work either. I'm still trying to get used to this new stuff I have to deal with. It is a real pain. :-(

When I started swimming I couldn't make it one length of the lap pool without stopping at least 3 times. Now I can swim the length and back (which I count as 1 lap) without stopping. :-) Yay! This morning I swam 20 laps and one of the lengths was 40 seconds. It was taking over a minute to swim a length. I'm just having so much fun swimming.

Anywho, the mystery plant I posted a photo of last time is now starting to bloom. I will take a picture tomorrow and post and maybe someone will recognize it by it's blooms. I have also found two more of those plants in the yard.

I think tomorrow afternoon I'm going to see The Bourne Ultimatum. I'm really looking forward to it.

Well, that is about all I have to post about right now.