22 June 2012

It's almost time...

Yes, it is time to start planning for a fabulous, wacky, wonderful mad, mad party!  A Mad Tea Party!

The fantabulous Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist is hosting her 5th annual Mad Tea Party.  The party will be on July 28th.  Won't you join us for a cup of tea?  or two?  It is always fun to see who shows up.

Hop on over to A Fanciful Twist to sign up if you want to participate or just to visit. 

I can't wait!  Oh..and don't be late!  :-)


20 June 2012

Setting out on the Solstice

Is it really the Summer Solstice? Already? Time is just flying by so quickly. I really have wanted to be here, sharing and visiting with you all. Life just doesn't seem to move much for me. Finding motivation to do anything, even getting out of bed most days, is nigh impossible.

But today is the solstice and I'm trying to set out on a new life or at least take a step in that direction. Trying to find motivation in the little things, even just taking a breathe.  There are flowers and green beans in my garden, as well as way too many weeds.

I've been spending time in the mountains.  Mum, my uncle and I took a trip in early May for the annual cleanup.  We worked so hard, it took over a week for me to recuperate when we returned.  Mum and I went again a few weeks ago, this time with a friend of hers.  We went to Harrah's Cherokee and I hung out while they played the slots.  We had dinner at Paula Deen's Kitchen where I had the most delicious steak I've ever eaten.  I picked up Paula's Southern Cooking Bible cookbook and am looking forward to making her recipes. 

My 43rd birthday came and went in May.  It was the usual boring deal.  The only thing that is really happened is that I have a few more answers in the ongoing quest to find the cause of the migraines.  I had some psychological testing done several months ago and the results finally came back.  Long story short, it says that I don't have PTSD nor do I have any mental "issues" that would lead to the migraines.  So, now I have to go back to the neurologist and we will have to do more tests.  He said I'd have to have another lumbar puncture...oh joy! :-(

I've also been dealing with a lack of control of my blood sugar.  I don't know just what happened, but every time I took my shot my blood sugar would crash.  Usually it happened  about 20 minutes after I'd eaten, but several times it happened while I was eating.  That was very freaky!  So tomorrow I go to my first Endo appointment.  I had the blood work done earlier this week, but am so not looking forward to this.

Enough of my maudlin health complaints...time to share some beauty...

I hope you are all having a wonderful solstice and fabulous summer.  I'll try not to be a stranger.  :-)