23 October 2010

gone too quickly

october is going by too quickly for me... i want more fall days (i know november will have them but they just aren't quite the same as october fall days...)

the past two weeks have been a blur...hospital was not a pleasant experience...i had a male version of nurse ratchet who insisted that he had to push down on the incisions at my groin every 15 minutes...i swear i wanted to rip his arms off or better yet a lower portion of his anatomy. the surgery was a bust, as the pressure gradient was in the quite normal range and so no stint was placed. this leads us back to the drawing board completely and makes me very sad. i must admit i placed all my hopes for any relief on this stinting happening and clearing up the flow and thus relieving the pain...

my neurologist has given up now and turned me over to the other neuro-specialist that he recommended me to whom i can't get in to see until early december...i've called their office and practically did i beg for them to see me sooner or at least prescribe something! i am off on tuesday to the optical specialist to see about the other issues that have been discovered throughout this process that are "unexplainable"... i am quite seriously sick of doctors and tests, aren't you?

a few days of recovery at home after hospital and i was whisked off by my mum with a couple of her friends for a few days stay in our mountain home. it was wonderful to go and be there, i know i've expressed before my absolute love of those mountains and our home there. the weather lovely (i could have done with a bit colder during the day) the nights were fabulously chilly and allowed for roaring fires...

leaf turning peak is a big deal up there and we arrived near to peak, i believe

we spent several days shopping...going from store to store and town to town. i was so exhausted each night but instead of getting to rest, we played games until late at night. the last night we were there i went to bed early (around 10:45) and was awoken at 1am to the sounds of something crawling across the ceiling...seems the day before when we'd had the handyman come round to patch some holes in the fascia at the roof he ended up trapping a raccoon in the attic! it sounded HUGE and PISSED! i removed myself to the downstairs and stayed on the couch until morning as i just new it was going to claw it's way through my wall right at my head... but it seems s/he made an escape between the wee hours of 4am and 7am by knocking a board out of the attic fascia on the outside of the house. the handyman came back after we had left for home and was going to set a live trap so as to be able to set him/her free somewhere else if he/she returned. he's not called us so we take this to mean the bugger did not get back in the attic.

there were lots of displays all over town, lots of cute shops and cute items i wanted to purchase. the only thing i bought was a hat...i found one that actually looked good on my, a first! and so had to have it! i also found the most marvelous chocolate shop...i did get any pictures but when i go back i will ask if they will let me take some...it was a cross between Sally's shop in Practical Magic and Vianne's shop in Chocolat...and it was all decorated for halloween...so lovely!

i've finally caught up on all my blog reading...it took several days and i'm enjoying all the parties that i missed...you are all so very creative!

there is much to do this week, more doctors, meetings with people from work and our benefits to apply for disability (did i mention my leave from work has been extended through january) and there is lots of yard work that needs to get done. i'm even hoping to possibly get some garlic planted...maybe...


10 October 2010

Time's Up

Where have the past two weeks gone? I swear it feels like it just vanished! I had big plans for this past week. A long list of things that I needed to get done. How many have been completed and marked off the list? Maybe 5 things...it was such a long list too! Oh well...

I've gone a little crazy this week...pumpkin crazy! I've never bought so many pumpkins at one time. I'm planning to save seeds from each one and plant pumpkins everywhere next year.

The witch and cats were made by my granddaddy many, many moons ago. He used to set up holiday displays for every holiday, BIG displays. There are pictures somewhere of them, I need to find them and make copies. I remember them when I was a child, I loved them! I think it's time to paint them again...

I'm so glad it is October. The weather for the first part was perfect...highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's. My windows have been open ever since. I love this autumn fresh air. Unfortunately the temps I moved back up into the high 80's the past few days and will stay there until later this week. I'm really looking forward to the cooler weather returning.

I'm off tomorrow for my second opinion with another neurologist. It is in a town about an hour from me and I'm taking advantage of it and going to lunch at a restaurant there. It's a small old home cooking restaurant and is supposed to be really good. I'm always up for good old fashioned southern cuisine...so... :)

This will probably be my last post for a few days, maybe longer. I'm scheduled for surgery on Tuesday and have no idea when I'll be able to get back on the computer. I'm getting really nervous and scared. I'm trying to keep my thoughts positive though. At least I'm decorated for Halloween! All I'll have to do is carve the pumpkin(s) and get the candies for giving out.

I hope you are all enjoying your autumn days. I've been keeping up with all my favorite blogs (shockingly that is over 300!) For obvious reasons I won't be participating in all the upcoming blog parties, but I'll be visiting to see what you wonderful, creative lovelies come up with!

And while I'm thinking about it, I just want to say a big THANKYOUSOMUCH to all of you that read my blog, comment or email me with your thoughts. It is so nice, this blog world, meeting people you would never get to meet otherwise and experiencing that there are people in the world who can care and share with others. Such kind and generous souls I've met through this place. I can't say thank you enough. I honestly don't know if I could have made it this long without you.


ps...if you feel so inclined and wouldn't mind maybe lighting a candle or saying a prayer for me on Tuesday morning, I'd be forever grateful! thankyouso! :)