31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Have a happy and blessed Halloween/Samhain!

(I haven't carved my pumpkin yet. This one is from two years ago.)


29 October 2008

knit knit knit

I've been working on the never-ending afghan, again. I finally (after a year!) finished the first of four strips.

Each strip is made up of four different panels. Each panel is a different color and design.

Above is panel number one...

Next, panel two...

Then panel number three...

And finally, panel number four.

Originally, the dark blue of panel four was going to be a light kind of sagey green colorway, but when I started knitting it I decided I did not like all the colors together. I like these colors now.

Last night I started on the second panel. I have three panels and then to sew them all together and add the border. I hope to have it completed in about a year.

In other news, last night was our first freeze warning of the year, so I went out to the garden and harvested some herbs and picked the last of the habanero's and tomatoes and peppers. It is so lovely to feel the chill in the air and to watch as the leaves change. The crunch under my feet as I walk through the fallen leaves. The smell of wood burning in a stove and seeing the curlicue of smoke wafting from someones chimney. Autumn... it even has a nice sound to it.

What is your favorite thing about autumn?


25 October 2008


I've been taking a lot of photos lately. I have been looking for a class to take that will teach me more about taking digital photos. So far I have not found one, but I will persevere. Here are a few that I have taken lately.

a pretty pansy...

a country farm...

a blossom from a mum...


21 October 2008

Autumn is here...

It has finally turned cooler here. Yesterday I woke up to 36 degree temps outside and not much warmer inside as I did not realize it was to be so cold and had left all my windows open. It was very difficult to get out of bed. :-)

I've been wearing sweaters and sweatshirts the past few days which is wonderful to me. I love the cold! I haven't done much in the garden the past few weeks. I need to take advantage of the cool weather and get out there and get the old stuff pulled up and get it weeded and mulched for the winter. I keep wanting to plant winter vegetables, but never actually do it. Maybe next year...

I'll leave you with a picture of another picture like my banner. I took several trying to get different views. Don't you just love autumn colors? I adore them and white pumpkins!


14 October 2008

Heat Wave

Isn't this October? Isn't it the middle of October? Yep, just looked at the calendar and it is, indeed, the middle of October. Then why is it so freakin HOT!?! It is 83 degrees. That is way too hot for October! Ugh! It feels like summer outside. Supposedly, we will drop from 84 on Thursday to 67 on Friday and then will be back to our regularly scheduled weather pattern. Whew... I sure hope so. I'm melting here! :-)

I'm still working on setting up this blog the way I want it. I need it to be my happy side. I tend to get morose and depressing if I stay in the dark for too long, but the other blog just screams dark to me and it needs to be. :-)

I'll be back later with some photos.


07 October 2008

revisiting my light side...

I've decided to re-open this blog. I am working on it and it may be "under construction" for some time. I love my other blog, but it really represents my 'darker' side and I have been missing having a place to share my 'lighter' side.

So, I'm back here. I will be using both blogs to try to express myself as I need. Hopefully you will enjoy both sides of me. :-)