29 October 2008

knit knit knit

I've been working on the never-ending afghan, again. I finally (after a year!) finished the first of four strips.

Each strip is made up of four different panels. Each panel is a different color and design.

Above is panel number one...

Next, panel two...

Then panel number three...

And finally, panel number four.

Originally, the dark blue of panel four was going to be a light kind of sagey green colorway, but when I started knitting it I decided I did not like all the colors together. I like these colors now.

Last night I started on the second panel. I have three panels and then to sew them all together and add the border. I hope to have it completed in about a year.

In other news, last night was our first freeze warning of the year, so I went out to the garden and harvested some herbs and picked the last of the habanero's and tomatoes and peppers. It is so lovely to feel the chill in the air and to watch as the leaves change. The crunch under my feet as I walk through the fallen leaves. The smell of wood burning in a stove and seeing the curlicue of smoke wafting from someones chimney. Autumn... it even has a nice sound to it.

What is your favorite thing about autumn?