14 October 2008

Heat Wave

Isn't this October? Isn't it the middle of October? Yep, just looked at the calendar and it is, indeed, the middle of October. Then why is it so freakin HOT!?! It is 83 degrees. That is way too hot for October! Ugh! It feels like summer outside. Supposedly, we will drop from 84 on Thursday to 67 on Friday and then will be back to our regularly scheduled weather pattern. Whew... I sure hope so. I'm melting here! :-)

I'm still working on setting up this blog the way I want it. I need it to be my happy side. I tend to get morose and depressing if I stay in the dark for too long, but the other blog just screams dark to me and it needs to be. :-)

I'll be back later with some photos.


1 comment:

Rosemary said...

hopefully your bright side will be back soon, love your fall theme on your blog.