21 October 2008

Autumn is here...

It has finally turned cooler here. Yesterday I woke up to 36 degree temps outside and not much warmer inside as I did not realize it was to be so cold and had left all my windows open. It was very difficult to get out of bed. :-)

I've been wearing sweaters and sweatshirts the past few days which is wonderful to me. I love the cold! I haven't done much in the garden the past few weeks. I need to take advantage of the cool weather and get out there and get the old stuff pulled up and get it weeded and mulched for the winter. I keep wanting to plant winter vegetables, but never actually do it. Maybe next year...

I'll leave you with a picture of another picture like my banner. I took several trying to get different views. Don't you just love autumn colors? I adore them and white pumpkins!


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