26 June 2010

It's a Mad Day!

Head on over here for a very unbirthday tea party. Then visit all the others who are hosting their own party.

Wishing you a magical, mad full moon day!

22 June 2010

Book Review: Psychic by Sylvia Browne

Last month I was contacted by Trish at TLC Book Tours to see if I would be interested in reviewing a new book. I haven't done a book review since high school, so please bear with me. :)

The book is Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds by Sylvia Browne. Before I read this book, I didn't know much about Mrs. Browne. I had come across her on talk shows or radio, but had never really felt the need to learn more. I'm somewhat skeptical about people who call themselves psychics (I'll explain that another time). Anyway, being naturally curious about the supernatural I determined to try to read this book with an open mind. Now that I've read it, I know more than I really wanted to about Mrs. Browne.

There are lots of stories about her experiences with spirits and there were a few terms that I had never heard of that I plan to research. I disagree with her basic premise of why spirits don't move to the other side, but I respect her opinion. It is a biography and therefore contains stories of her childhood, her marriages and her businesses. My biggest qualm is how she skips from time period to time period. One minute she's writing about her childhood and the next she's writing about her second marriage and then she goes back to childhood. For me, it was a bit confusing.

If you're interested in learning more about Sylvia Browne, I'd recommend this book. If you're looking for something to help you understand the concepts of psychics and or ghosts/spirits, I recommend you look elsewhere.

I'm not sorry I read it, but it isn't a book that I would have picked up on my own.


21 June 2010


(photo from a 2008 beach trip)

Wishing you a wonderful Summer Solstice...


18 June 2010


I'm still here. Still fighting the migraines on a daily basis. I want to say how much I appreciate the kind words that you write in the comments, the healing wishes. I just do not have the words to express how much those words mean to me. How they are the light in my darkness right now.

I saw my neurologist earlier this week. We are both extremely frustrated by my lack of improvement. He has changed my medications again and I am now taking dilaudid as well as several other medications. Now, the constant pain in my head has been joined by tremors, nausea and a complete inability to focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. He has begun pushing for me to have a spinal tap (which scares me more than the thought of having to live with this pain for the rest of my life). He also suggested that I look into being treated at a nationally renowned clinic in Michigan. I don't see how that is possible at this time.

I've taken to getting up in the mornings, making my way slowly to work and immediately taking my pills, including almost every day a pain pill or muscle relaxant. I'm so medicated that even though I'm sitting at my desk, I am accomplishing nothing. I feel like a hollow shell most days. Having to tolerate the noise and bright lights of the room is almost as mind numbing as the drugs.

I feel as if my life is chaos. Everywhere I look it seems to be quite the mess. The household chores have been forgotten as I arrive home and crawl into bed almost as soon as I've finished feeding the kids. The gardens and yard are an utter disaster and I'm very sad that I can't find the energy and inclination to spend any time working in them. Everything about my life and myself just feels so... wrong. I shouldn't be like this. I shouldn't be in pain every moment and I shouldn't be so sad all the time. I keep thinking that this can't be the life I am meant to live.

I am determined, however, to find some small happiness every day. Some measure of peace and joy that can dispel the gloom around me. Reading my favorite blogs, discovering new ones is one of those lights. During one of those bouts of blog reading I found a lovely opportunity to get this:

These beautiful charms came from the amazingly lovely and talented Nina Bagley. They arrived in the mail today, bringing such joy and happiness into a miserably painful day. I had the opportunity to pick the words that I wanted in the charms..."magic" was a given and the "true" seemed important to me...a chance to remember to be true to myself. I can't wait to wear them.

The summer solstice is almost upon us. Sunday we will have a local solstice festival at the park near my home. I am hoping to attend with my friend and her family. It is sad really, but my favorite part of the summer solstice is that it means fall and winter are on their way. I like summer, I love the growing season, the flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables. But I just can't take the heat...it's been in the mid to high 90's for several weeks and looks to continue on this coming week. It has brought us some lovely thunderstorms, which I love.

Well, enough of my rambles. It's taken me over three hours to get this written and I apologize for the disjointedness of it. Next week I'm going to have a book review for you. If I don't get back here before then, I hope that you have a lovely weekend and a warm, sunny and magical summer solstice.


05 June 2010

saturday fun

Today has been a good day. There wasn't much headache pain and I was able to get a lot of things done that I had wanted to do. I try every Saturday morning to go to the local farmer's market. Today I was able to find the last of the local strawberries, some nice peaches and another beautiful nosegay. Three of my favorite things...

I spent some time afterward working in the garden, it is in need of weeding. I got some of it done and got the yard mowed before it became too hot for me. I plan to go back out tomorrow morning early and continue weeding the garden. While I was mowing I found this...

my foxglove are blooming!

below are some of the things i found in the garden today...

really tall poke

the cucumbers are blooming


hopefully tomorrow will be another good day...