31 October 2013

All Hallows' Eve

Today is Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows' Eve.  I can feel the veil disappearing between the worlds.  Do you feel it? 

I took a walk through my favorite local cemetery today, visiting some of my favorite spirits and graves.  While walking I happened to glance down and found this leaf.  It looks black and is the only one I saw in the graveyard. 

I made sure to visit my favorite little girl.  Her name is Marjorie and she is so beautiful and special.  I love that the beads that I took her are still there.  I try to take her treats, sometimes candy, sometimes shiny necklaces and sometimes flowers.  I always take her candy on Halloween (except for last year, since I wasn't here).  Several years ago I had this little wind chime that was made with big glass beads.  It fell apart rather quickly and I took one of the glass beads to leave for Marjorie.  It isn't attached to anything just left in a corner of her stone and every time I go back I find it still there.  It is always on the ground near her stone, but is there.  I think she tries really hard to keep it, other wise, wouldn't the weather or mowers have made it disappear by now?  

 If I can remember, I'll do a post about this particular cemetery soon.  There are several beautiful tombs and mausoleums there.  

I finally found a pumpkin today.  I should know better than to wait until the last minute.  I decided to go old school with his face.  I do think he's cute.  Hopefully he will do the job tonight.

I'm off to prepare the dumb supper for my ancestors and to get the candy ready for any trick or treater's I might see at the cottage.

I hope you have a wonderfully Happy Halloween!

26 October 2013

Haunted Halloween Tea

The other day, when the weather turned colder, I wrapped up in my warm togs and took myself for a walk.

 It was a nice sunny day even if quite cold and I thought it might be good for me to check out the local park.

 Down the steps to the park I went, crunching leaves under my feet and the sounds of the cars driving through the neighborhood keeping me company.  I came across a little bridge and went over.

 I followed beside the creek for a bit, listening to the burbling water.

 Suddenly I realized that I couldn't hear anything but the creek and the leaves under my feet.  Odd, I thought, in a downtown park, to not hear the cars driving by.  I was having a lovely time so I kept walking.  Eventually I came out of my head and noticed that even the leaves weren't making any sounds and that it had started to get dark.  It was too early in the day for it to be getting so dark so I looked around and discovered that I'd wandered into a woods.

 I didn't remember all these trees being here last time, but everywhere I looked there were trees.  I started to worry, of course, and decided to make my way home.  But the farther I went back home, the more trees I came across. 

  Eventually, I stumbled out of the trees in front of this spooky old house.  I looked all around but all I could see were trees and the house.  There was a for sale sign in the yard but it looked as if all but the cats and birds had abandoned it a long time ago.

 Being desperate and super cold, I walked up the porch steps and went to the door, hoping there would be someone inside to help.

When I went to knock, I found the door cracked open just a bit.  I knocked but no answer came so I decided to at least get out of the cold until I could figure this out.

 I wandered into the little old cottage and found lots of spider webs, dust and a table set up with candles and pumpkins.  It seemed as if the rest of the house was abandoned but this one little corner had recently had a visitor.

 I turned around to search the rest of the house, but heard a noise and turned back to the table.  "Where did that apple come from?" I asked myself.  I knew it wasn't there a moment ago.  I was quite hungry so I decided to help myself.

 I wandered the little cottage while I ate my apple, looking for any sign that someone was there or would be coming back.  When I went back to the table, I found a pot of tea and a teacup full of what looked like lemonade.  I was even more thirsty than I'd been hungry, so I drank down the liquid right quick.

 The next thing I knew I was looking at a pair of striped stockings and black boots.  It was also much brighter in the room. 

 I looked around and was amazed to find the candles burning, lots of treats on the table and twinkle lights gleaming from the ceiling. 

 I heard a sigh, and looked beside me to find a woman watching me.  Not just any woman either.  She looked like a cross between a gypsy and a witch.  "It's about time you woke up.  I've been waiting for hours!", she said.  Then gave me a smile.


 "Come, Come, join me at the table. We'll have a snack while we visit.", she said.

 I couldn't help looking around the table and sneaking glances at her.  She seemed a bit familiar but I couldn't put my finger on just where I knew her from.

 "Here we are, dear, I nice warm cup of tea for you," she offered as she poured.

 As I sipped my tea, she picked up a deck of cards and started to shuffle. 

"Let's see if we can't get you some answers, shall we?" she asked.  I just nodded as I sipped whilst trying to wrap my mind around all this.

 Flip, flip, flip...she tossed down cards quickly, with a few hmmms and unhuhs under her breathe. 
"Now dear, just look here, you've been on a journey and you haven't really been careful about how you went.  Letting your mind wander along the way, it seems you went off your path.  You can get back there but it takes work and being willing to sacrifice.  You have quite a bit of power and strength inside you but it seems you don't believe that and have let go of your gifts."  She looked up at me from beneath her lashes.  A small smile came across her face as she said, "Yes, dear.  You have to learn to love yourself in order to find love with another.  But it will happen, don't stop believing in love."

 I sat and stared back and forth between her smiling face and the cards.  How does she know this, I wondered.  Suddenly she laughs this great big belly laugh, then proceeds to offer me more tea.

"No, thank you," I reply finally finding my voice.  My eyes flick over the table at all the treats and all the tricks.

 "Have a chocolate, " she offers, "they will make you smile.  The cupcakes grant wishes.  The lemon cookies grant you strength and the molasses make you sweeter. The grapes are very cleansing and the strawberries are for love.  Or maybe you'd like a potion for the gift of magic?" 

Potion for magic, I wonder, that sounds great...wonder what's in it.


 "Now," she says with a clap of her hands, "let's get back to business."  She points to the white candle in the shape of a woman.  "Take this with you and when you are ready, light the flame and let it burn all the way down." 

I look at the candle and the things around it, then back to her.  "What's it for?" I ask.  "It's for you." She says with a nod.  I'm growing more confused by the minute.  "How will I know when to light it?" I ask her.  "You'll know." she declares.

 I shrug my shoulders and start to look around again.  I feel like maybe it is time to leave, but don't want to be rude.  Just as I start to ask if she can help me get home, I notice one of the candles.  It seems to be...bleeding.  A shiver goes down my spine.

 She must sense my nervousness.  With a snap of her fingers a book appears on the table in front of me and she comes to stand beside me.  "Remember," she says as she flips the pages.  "Remember who and what you are, where you come from." she says with emphasis as she runs her finger down a page.  Satisfied she looks at me and nods toward the page.

 As I read, she whispers, "Remember."  The she hands me the tall glass with the orange liquid and tells me to drink.  As I finish the refreshingly odd drink, she holds out her hand to me and says, "For you, to help you never to forget again."  She is holding a lovely silver heart shaped locket on a long chain.  As she snaps the locket closed something inside clicks and I know.  I know now who she is.  I know what she wants me to remember. 

I know that she is reminding me that I am strong, that I have the power that I need to find my way.  But the most important thing that I remember...







Blessed Be!
Have a Happy All Hallow's Eve!

Thanks for joining me today as I celebrate the 6th Annual Haunted Halloween Tea Party with Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist.  I hope you have had a good visit and will come back again.  Be sure to head over to Vanessa's and visit the other participants.


ps. remember there is a little witch in all of us  :-)

24 October 2013

At the last minute...a party!

Hello Dears!  I wanted to pop in for a quick notice that I'm joining with the lovely Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist for this year's Haunted Halloween Tea Party

So come back for a visit on Saturday!  I hope to see you then!


11 October 2013

just saying hello

 Hello and Happy Autumn and pumpkin season!  There has been so much going on around the cottage that I've been unable to get here as I've wanted.  I have managed to keep up with my favorite blogs, thank goodness.  You have no idea how much help your blogs are to me.  Seeing the beauty that my online friends here in bloglandia are making/creating/growing, etc just helps keep me alive. 

I "planted" the little window box, above, with pumpkins and fall leaves for autumn, instead of trying to keep actual plants alive.  I've had two showings so far and a good showing at the open house.  I'm hopeful that there will be more viewings soon as I'd like to get move on from this part of my life as soon as possible.  I went to look at a few townhouses today.  Amazingly enough the third one I saw is "the one".  It is in a nice quiet area, with lots of growing space in the back (but not enough to make it too much for me) and the inside is just wonderful. 

 I said goodbye to the jungle my garden had become.  The pumpkin patch has been cleared and seeded.  The volunteer trees cleaned up and everything looks nice and manageable right now.  Thank goodness winter is coming and I won't have to do much except maybe mow one more time and rake some leaves.  

 Just before the crew came to tame my garden jungle I went out to harvest what I could.  I ended up giving all of this away and anything else they could find in the garden to the workers.  It made it easy on me to not have to cook any thing.  I'm trying to keep the kitchen clean (I'm horrible at doing dishes and make a huge mess when I really cook or bake) and so have been eating a whole lot of microwavable meals.  It's not very healthy, but maybe I can get better at it.

For the open house, I went and bought some pretty mums for the porch.  This one keeps falling off the table it is on, but it is so pretty.

I know there are a lot of blog parties coming up for the Halloween season and I wish I could participate, but mums and a few pumpkins on the porch are about all the decorating that is going to happen here in the cottage.  I have to keep things simple right now, not just for the showings in hope of selling the house, but also because of my health.  I just have to take things easy for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!