11 October 2013

just saying hello

 Hello and Happy Autumn and pumpkin season!  There has been so much going on around the cottage that I've been unable to get here as I've wanted.  I have managed to keep up with my favorite blogs, thank goodness.  You have no idea how much help your blogs are to me.  Seeing the beauty that my online friends here in bloglandia are making/creating/growing, etc just helps keep me alive. 

I "planted" the little window box, above, with pumpkins and fall leaves for autumn, instead of trying to keep actual plants alive.  I've had two showings so far and a good showing at the open house.  I'm hopeful that there will be more viewings soon as I'd like to get move on from this part of my life as soon as possible.  I went to look at a few townhouses today.  Amazingly enough the third one I saw is "the one".  It is in a nice quiet area, with lots of growing space in the back (but not enough to make it too much for me) and the inside is just wonderful. 

 I said goodbye to the jungle my garden had become.  The pumpkin patch has been cleared and seeded.  The volunteer trees cleaned up and everything looks nice and manageable right now.  Thank goodness winter is coming and I won't have to do much except maybe mow one more time and rake some leaves.  

 Just before the crew came to tame my garden jungle I went out to harvest what I could.  I ended up giving all of this away and anything else they could find in the garden to the workers.  It made it easy on me to not have to cook any thing.  I'm trying to keep the kitchen clean (I'm horrible at doing dishes and make a huge mess when I really cook or bake) and so have been eating a whole lot of microwavable meals.  It's not very healthy, but maybe I can get better at it.

For the open house, I went and bought some pretty mums for the porch.  This one keeps falling off the table it is on, but it is so pretty.

I know there are a lot of blog parties coming up for the Halloween season and I wish I could participate, but mums and a few pumpkins on the porch are about all the decorating that is going to happen here in the cottage.  I have to keep things simple right now, not just for the showings in hope of selling the house, but also because of my health.  I just have to take things easy for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Ms Misantropia said...

I love your pumpkin filled window planter!

Lorna said...

As always, lovely photos and inspiring thought.

Victoria said...

Hello beautiful kindred..wow I am in love with your windowbox of pumpkins..how absolutely magical!Inspiring beauty! Love your golden yellow mums...very intoxicating color! Blessings to you..

Cameron said...

The window box looks perfect like that! What a great and easy decorating idea :)

So glad you found "the one" so quickly! Hopefully you will sell yours fast, too!

DogsMom said...

I am liking the smaller pumpkins and gourds myself this year.

we have a sign on the back door that says: do not let cat out
no matter what he tells you.