31 October 2013

All Hallows' Eve

Today is Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows' Eve.  I can feel the veil disappearing between the worlds.  Do you feel it? 

I took a walk through my favorite local cemetery today, visiting some of my favorite spirits and graves.  While walking I happened to glance down and found this leaf.  It looks black and is the only one I saw in the graveyard. 

I made sure to visit my favorite little girl.  Her name is Marjorie and she is so beautiful and special.  I love that the beads that I took her are still there.  I try to take her treats, sometimes candy, sometimes shiny necklaces and sometimes flowers.  I always take her candy on Halloween (except for last year, since I wasn't here).  Several years ago I had this little wind chime that was made with big glass beads.  It fell apart rather quickly and I took one of the glass beads to leave for Marjorie.  It isn't attached to anything just left in a corner of her stone and every time I go back I find it still there.  It is always on the ground near her stone, but is there.  I think she tries really hard to keep it, other wise, wouldn't the weather or mowers have made it disappear by now?  

 If I can remember, I'll do a post about this particular cemetery soon.  There are several beautiful tombs and mausoleums there.  

I finally found a pumpkin today.  I should know better than to wait until the last minute.  I decided to go old school with his face.  I do think he's cute.  Hopefully he will do the job tonight.

I'm off to prepare the dumb supper for my ancestors and to get the candy ready for any trick or treater's I might see at the cottage.

I hope you have a wonderfully Happy Halloween!


Laura said...

Thats such a kind thing to do, remembering a child in this way.

Incipient Wings said...

What a beautiful post!
Love this... Can't wait to see photos of the graveyard.

Victoria said...

HUgs kindred..wishing you magic and joy during this sacred time! wow..beautiful story..lovely that you stay connected with her..so special! Gorgeous images and pictures!! Pretty amazing black leaf as well..very powerful! Wishing you a magical Samhain..enjoy your supper!

Sarah said...

I hope you had fun! It is lovely the way you leave the gifts for Marjorie. Wherever she is I am sure she appreciates them.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful photos! Magical Samhain.

DogsMom said...

What a wonderful way to pay tribute.

I think it is amazing that things left are still there a time afterward. We visit the older cemeteries around me just to appreciate the old stones.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Such a lovely blog you have. I'm a new follower.

Eve said...

I love old cemeteries also, beautiful and peaceful. That black leaf is a wonderful find. Meant for you.

And, "yes"---your pumpkin is quite cute. I haven't even had a chance to carve yet...