31 October 2018

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to our Halloween Party, Witches!

Henrietta is happy to see you, but is making sure no one snitches the kids trick or treat bags.  Penelope and Eloisa are also part of the welcoming committee.  I think they are keeping an eye on Henrietta to make sure she doesn't sneak from the kids bags.  :-)

Heloise and Evangeline are over by the snacks.  Go on and say hello.

Help yourself to all the treats.  We have savory and sweets, plus all the candy you can eat! Cackle Cackle Cackle

 Bring your plate on over to the fire and get warm.  We can sit here and visit all night!
Hope you've had fun at my little Halloween party.  Be sure to head over to the most fantabulous Vanessa and check out her party.  I swear she is the Queen of the Party! 

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain!
thanks for stopping by!
love & blessings