25 November 2013

something new

How many times do we turn on the news channel, or pick up a paper or check a news website and end up bombarded with all the horrible things that people do to each other.  How much of a 30 minute news program is showing something good, instead of something bad.  We all know there are robberies, homicides, rapes, war, fires, etc. ad nausea.

If you believe that like creates like, is it any surprise that things just seem to be getting worse, instead of better.  I wonder what the world would be like if we stopped focusing on the negative and started focusing on the positive.  What if instead of starting our days watching or listening to a news program that shows the horror of our world, we spent that time experiencing the good that people do for each other?

I stopped reading the news years ago.  It was just all too much for my soul to take in.  I was already dealing with my illnesses and being unable to function in a normal way and every horror story that I read about a parent harming their child or a rape or an animal being tortured and mutilated just tore another hole into my spirit and soul.  I needed to get away from the nightmare, so I stopped reading or watching the news.  Occasionally I’ll check out CNN or our local news web site to see if there is anything really important that I need to know but it still is very hard to get through it.  All the negativity just increases each day, at least it seems that way.  

Two weeks ago I believe, I saw a very special story that just touched my heart so much and made the wheels in my head start turning.  I keep thinking that we need more good news in our lives to replace the bad, something that can build on itself and hopefully turn the tables.   

If an effort to do my part and also cheer myself up a bit, I’m starting a weekly segment here on my little blog called “Good Juju.”  It will be a post about good news that has happened in our world lately.  I’d love to have any suggestions for it and if there is something in particular you’d like to see or a place where I can find good stories, let me know. 

Let’s bring something good into our lives and spread that peaceful vibe to the universe.  Here we go…



Anonymous said...

I love this idea and I feel the same way. I will be on the lookout for good juju stories

Meliss said...

I gave up on watching the news years ago as well. I always say, the news should consist of this: Good evening, picture your worst nightmare. Today, it happened to someone somewhere. Good night.

A local story: A dog was found tied up and tossed in the river. A construction worker found it - ALIVE. He's keeping it! :)

I keep saying: When I die, DO NOT SEND ME BACK TO THIS CRAZY PLANET or any other like it.


ps: I forgot to tell you, smize is smiling with your eyes instead of that fake dead-eyed smile people usually do in pictures. Your ears go up and your eyes squint just a little. It's also an instant facelift. ;)