27 November 2013

a few favorite things...

As I sit here typing I'm watching snow flakes fall outside of the studio window.  I've been out already twirling and soaking them in.  They are tiny (almost like mist) and then they become larger.  I posted a quick status about how excited I was to see snow on Facebook and my uncle commented that it won't last.  That right there, my friends, exemplifies my whole life.  Of course it won't last, it isn't meant to, but I can be excited that it is falling from the sky. Ugh!


Here are a few sights from my weekend just past.  Things that made me smile, grin or just sigh with happiness and joy.

 My Grandmother's Apple Pie.  I love this recipe.  I've never been able to get the crust to fit on just right (probably because I use the frozen kind).  But it is always delicious and just hits the spot on a cold day.

These guys.  Top to bottom: Faith, Snowball and Spirit.  I don't have words to describe what it was like being so close to them.  I haven't been near a horse in over 30 years and getting to visit with these three was just heaven.  Faith is skittish and didn't seem to like me too much.  Snowball was aloof.  But Spirit, oh Spirit was my friend.  He got so close he was practically hiding me.  I hadn't realized at first just how big he was (I was on the up slope of the hill).  But when he came up closer and raised his head to his full height.  Wow! 

He followed me around, letting me pet him, nudging me with his nose.  He just was so wonderful!  I hope next time I go I might get to ride him.  I was too nervous to do it even though my cousin offered.

Then there was this:

She was the biggest reason for the trip.  We went to Southwest Virginia to have Thanksgiving with my Cousin and her family and my Uncle.  This little nugget of preciousness is my cousin's newest daughter.  Oh my word!  The sweetest thing.  So worth the 6 hour trip.  And it was good to see my other young cousins and family.

Now this, I spotted through my back door while pie making the other day.  I hope my neighbors weren't looking out their back window as I'm sure they'd think I was being a peeping tom.  It took several tries to get a decent shot, although he sat there for the longest time.  I turned away for a second and he was gone as if he'd never been.

Sometimes I wish we didn't have televisions and movies, etc.  There are so many beautiful things to see in nature that we miss when focused on the other. 

Well, I'm off to get ready for a visit from my Sis-in-Law.  We are experimenting with a recipe for our Thanksgiving meal desert this afternoon. 

I hope those that celebrate have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends; and that those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day. 



Ms Misantropia said...

Laura, those horses are beautiful, and the way that predatory bird settled so low in the garden is amazing. Is it a hawk? I agree with you regarding TV, I only turn it on very late at night.

I feel I need to tell you one thing about your blog: I like to read about your life, but the font and size you have chosen is making it difficult to follow. My eye sight is good, but the tilting font you're using feels like it needs to be larger to be comfortable. I realize that I start skipping after a few sentences, and that's just no good.

Just some friendly advice!

mxtodis123 said...

Those horses are beautiful. I have always loved and admired them, but I have to admit I've been afraid of them ever since I was a little girl. My fault. When my neighbors went to have their lunch, they told me not to bother the horse, but I went to feed it anyway. I put my and in too far and it bit me.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Thanksgiving ;o) Thanks so much for coming by my blog ;o) The apple pie looks so yummy! What beautiful horses and such a precious baby! Was that a hawk? What an amazing sign! Take care and many blessings ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh Laura, you had a completely enchanting week. The horses, the pie which is full of beautiful memories, and of course, the sweet little darling. My precious little great-nephew was born 2 weeks ago, and rocking him on Thanksgiving brought such magical warmth. Happy holidays sweetie. Mina