16 November 2013


Saying a prayer daily for assistance with my house sale, lighting candles as the sun sets, watching the moon rise behind the trees.  These things have been helping me retain the peace that I felt while I was in the mountains.  There have been a few bad days, health and family issues causing more chaos than I would like to deal with in my life.

Today I went back to making things.  I created seven mini spirit wreaths.  I hope to take them to a local shop this week to see if I can put them on consignment there.  If not, I'll probably try to set up an online store through Etsy or some other site.  I've been wanting to do just that for a while and may go ahead and do it. 

I also spent some time working on backgrounds.  I found one of my acrylic paints is close to drying out (another had dried out completely) so I wanted to use as much of it up as possible.  I painted several sheets of mixed media papers with it to start projects.  I have been playing with a canvas for a few days.  I find that I have an idea, sort of, then I start on it and it morphs to something else.  I have no idea what it will turn into, but I'm enjoying the process.

Here is wishing you a beautiful full moon and a lovely coming week. 


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Good for you to be using your creativity as an outlet for finding more peace in your life! Opening an Etsy store is probably a very good idea! I have three stores there myself and there is a lot to learn to have success there, but there are teams you can join to help you with every aspect of it!

In response to your comment about the doll hospital, yes, it is something I am seriously considering! I'm doing research on some techniques that I haven't known about and there are somethings that I can do already, such as restringing and repairing cloth bodies. Would you like me to e-mail you if and when I get this project up and running?

Wishing you a lovely rest of your weekend,


Meliss said...

Hey Laura - the moon rising behind the trees. Mmm, lovely image.

Ugh, speaking of family issues. You mentioned that anonymous comment you received. I saw that comment about the chins days ago and thought WTF??. I received a nasty 'anonymous' message that was actually from my sister that no longer speak to (go figure). She has a habit of wishing me a happy bday and then bringing up something that is designed to hurt me. I come to the conclusion that people are....weird, crazy, dumber than dumb, or super damaged. Take your pick, eh?

Most of them just don't know any better. Sad for them.

Our job is to keep living, loving, and taking pictures of ourselves despite them and their foolishness.

I am grateful that something I'm doing is inspiring and encouraging you and that you take the time to tell me.

You keep me going.

Kathryn - Collage Diva said...

Full moon blessings to you! Isn't the creative process the best? When we allow our intuition to guide us, it becomes a great adventure. Good luck selling your spirit wreaths - what a great idea!

{soul hugs}

Art @ Home said...

The spirit mini wreaths are so cute! :D I bet you've already sold them.