26 November 2013

Good Juju

Have you heard about the newest superhero?  How he saved a woman from The Riddlers’ dastardly deeds and a sports mascot from The Penquin?  Have you heard about The BatKid?

Click on the links to see just a few articles.

Batkid!  My Hero

Batkid visits the Real Gotham

If places like San Francisco and New York City can get behind one young boy and help him live his dream, couldn’t we do that everywhere?  Couldn’t we do that for everyone?

I’ve been trying to write a good post about this story for days.  I just don’t have the words to express how much this touches my heart.  Hearing Miles’ (aka Batkid) story is what inspired me to start Good Juju.  Because how can we not feel good after reading about Miles and all the people that have gone to such lengths to help this child?  How can we not want to bring joy like this to our lives?

Good Juju!

ps... this is the first in what i hope will be a weekly series here where we find the good things making news and help push the good feelings and energy to the universe.  like attracts like so lets start spreading the good!

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Rue said...

I loved this story so much - I had "watery-eye syndrome" that entire day as I followed the news. Just a wonderful story!