14 June 2009

almost time...

My house is a maze of boxes. All of my possessions are put away and waiting to be put in the POD that comes tomorrow. The renovations start on Friday. The photo above is of some of the supplies for the work that will be done.

With all the change that is going on in my life right now, I decided to make one more little change. I'll no longer be posting on my old blog. I'm making some changes here in an effort to merge my two very different sides. We'll see how it goes...I may decide that I don't like it and may go back to the old way of keeping two separate blogs.

I have a little bit more packing to do. I should be outside mowing but really don't feel up to it. Tomorrow the landscaper comes to tackle the jungle that is the backyard and the POD arrives. I'll get to start packing it up. The furniture gets packed up on Thursday and I'll be staying at my mums from then until the end of the renovation. Currently we are looking at 27 days before I can bring my kids home. That is a really long time for them to be cooped up. I wish there was another way, but unfortunately there is no other alternative, except not doing the renovations.

Anyway, that's about all I have right now. Except for a few photos...
my beans are flowering

tomato blooms

daylily blooms



Dracenea said...

I personally think it's great you're combining everything into one blog. If someone wants to know you, they should know all of you.

Good luck with everything!

Lorna said...

what Dracenea said....and I love the lilies

jaz said...

renovations are taxing to say the least. i spent years living with workmen in my house. i am looking at a huge project at the end of the summer and i was actually thinking of moving out while it is being done but i am biting the bullet and staying. my dog will probably eat every last workman which is my main concern but i think we will all learn something from the experience. ugh though! just remember that no matter how long they tell you it will take, it always takes longer. i cooked in my garage on a hot pad and a toaster over for 4 months while my kitchen was being renovated. it's an adventure.

Diane said...

great photos! came by from dracenea's to congratulate you on your award! have a great weekend!