19 February 2012

take a step, follow a thread

earlier today i took another tiny step toward reclaiming my life. actually, for me it was a giant leap to creating a life i want and can enjoy. i cannot express how happy i have been today. ever since i signed up early this afternoon, i have felt happier than i have in two or three years.

i bet you are wondering where the "thread" comes in, aren't you? well, this is the step that i took: The Red Thread Retreat

so you see, i'll be following a thread, to learn some new things, to explore the world around me, to meet new people and most importantly, to LIVE!

it has been a very good day in my world. not only am i one of the lucky 15, but winter has finally put in an appearance...we have snow!



Victoria said...

Sounds like a very special and magical time for you..enjoy your new journeys..
Shine on

Lorna said...

great to see you again.

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Hi Laura...It's been forever, well, seems like! I just read your feb. 13 post and then this one. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. I can't say I know how you feel, but I've also been away for quite awhile and am attempting to 'come back'. Both to blogging and getting spiritual again. I just now, this moment, decided to jump on the computer with the thought that maybe reading some friends posts, it might ignite something in me...and here YOU were! It's so nice to see you again...I'm just building up steam to try and blog again, haha!
Take care...