05 December 2009

An Awesome Giveaway

Jennifer over at Gypsy Mare Studios is having a fantastic giveaway. Please take a minute to check it out.

I won her Halloween giveaway and love the pendant I won and have received many compliments on it. I like it so much I went back and bought one! :)



Walk in the Woods said...

She's a great artisan - I love her stuff. I'm headin' over now ...

Iris said...

I can't believe I hadn't heard of her before? Wow. Thanks for stopping over at my blog (Iris Awakened)! I thought I would return the favor and check you out too. I am glad I did, this giveaway is great! Thanks!

Moon said...

MMMMM your alfredo and cupcakes look so yummo!!!!!
Wish I was close by so I could have sampled them!
And dont worry about being behind...being behind is my middle name! lol