12 July 2014

A Mad Tea, Indeed!

It's here!  It's here!  It's time for the Mad Tea Party!  Please come in and visit for a bit.  We have loads of treats and scrumptious tea. 

Tea time is around the coffee table today.  It seems most of the guests found the shrinking potion a bit early. 

Time for our audience with the Queen.  She brought her own special blend of tea and a mask for some reason.  Maybe she felt we should have a masquerade?

The Queen's jester came along for tea as well.  Oh the stories he tells!  He'll have us in stitches in no time.

 I think perhaps I should hold on to that key?!?  Wouldn't want to lose my only way to open the doors to Wonderland.

 A nice cup of tea and a few treats should be lovely right about now. 

 Perhaps an apple danish, molasses cookie, or a mini cupcake?  It all looks and smells so yummy!

Maybe just a bit of sugar for my tea...

 Oh, well, that's not quite the type of sugar I was thinking of...

 I see the Hatter is hiding out around the tea pot and the ladybug cake.  A good place I think.

 And there is Alice!  She seems to be carrying on quite the conversation with the ladybug. 

 Time to fill my teacup and have a seat.  Tea time is much better when one is sitting.  Trying to balance a cup of tea and a plate of treats is difficult but especially so when you must entertain a shrunken Queen.

 A little more fruit perhaps...

 Alice and the Hatter are heading through the looking glass.  I suppose that means tea time is over.  I really should get back on the hunt for my muchness.  I will find it...eventually!

 One more cup of tea and then I'm off on the hunt.  Mmm...lovely tea, but I seem to be feeling a bit...woozy.  Maybe I'll continue the search after a bit of a nap.

Thank you so very much for stopping in for Tea.  I do so hope you had a lovely time.  

Come back again and we can share another cup of tea.


ps... I'd like to give a huge hug and Thanks to our lovely hostess, Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for not only hosting this lovely day for the 7th time, but also for being such a marvelously fantabulous inspiration!  Be sure to pop over to her blog and enjoy her party, plus the list of other parties.


Ms Misantropia said...

What yummies you have! And are those Maltesers..? Love 'em. Happy Mad Tea!


Tricia-CastlesNcrowns-FairyTalePhotography said...

Happy Mad Hatter Tea Party Day!
I do hope you will come visit my little tea party and Giveaway!

Sarah Coller said...

What a super sweet party! I love your little Alice and Hatter...lovely! Thanks for hosting! I hope you'll come visit mine, as well!


Carmen said...

Hi, Laura.

Thanks for having me over for Mad Tea! I love your Pierrot dolls. I used to collect them (especially, the masks). Wonderful...


Danni said...

What a magical party! I love your little peg dolls and all that delicious food!

Nicole Platania said...

Thank you for sharing your party. I enjoyed it! What yummy treats!
Please feel free to pop over to my party as well.

Nicole Platania said...

OH! and I just noticed that you are also in North Carolina! I am too! Yay Carolina girls!

Joanna DeVoe said...

Oooooooh.... a MAD TEA PARTY fit for the witchiest sweet tooth... CHEERS!!! -xo

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Laura, you've done a fine thing here. Teas and sweets go together, its true, but, you had me at savory munchies.

I apologize profusely or any orange sticky powder I may have left behind. :p

Also you're out of Cheetos {cough cough}

Have a wonderful, magically blissfully party-packed day!!!

Witchy J said...

Such lovely treats you put on for us and the fruit was so refreshing on this hot day. The jesters stories were most entertaining. Thanks for a lovely party.

Linda said...

Wow, what wonderful sweet treats. They are delicious and I love them all. Thank you so much. please visit me:

Hunnybee said...

Such a colorful and lovely party. I'm sure I will need a wheelbarrow to take me home after indulging in all those delicious yummies! Thanks for the invite and tell wooden hatter and Alice they are so sweet!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Of course I did not just stick my head in the fruit bowl! What do you take me for? I... I... I was just looking for something I dropped. Um... I like picking things up with my teeth, and the grape was already there so... nom, nom, nom!

I didn't see any fruit at Drusilla's Haunting Mad Tea Party. But there are extra servings of giggles to be had.

Kaye Swain said...

Oh what a sweet tea party. I LOVED the floral teapot as well as the gorgeous flower in your header. A floral tea party is always one of my favorite things. Have a great weekend.

Gina said...

I have been so overwhelmed by all the scrumtiousness on display today...next year I am so having a proper tea party(the mad bit goes without saying) :D XXX

Kerstin Bulin said...

Loooove your mad tea party....have a magical day and happy unbirthday to you
Kerstin from germany
Cobblestone Prims

Dena Miller said...

Thanks so much for inviting me over for Tea! Everything was so Lovely and Magical Indeed!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, yes girl - all of my favorite treats in one spot and a cup of tea, too? Why, yes, thank you. ';0

Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day. If you have time, drop by my tea party. I always love to share tea and nibblies with new friends. :)



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Alice is so pretty and everything is colorful and FUN! Thanks for a magical tea! Stop by for a cup of tea with me, too! Hugs, Diane http://lavenderdreamstoo.blogspot.com/2014/07/through-looking-glass-by-lewis-carroll.html

Kelly said...

What scrumptious goodies and lovely tea settings you display, for this MTP celebration! I love your Alice and Mad Hatter, they are so adorable!
Well, I hope you find and keep your muchness going! Cheers! ;)

Kelly said...

Your tea party is pretty!!
You're welcome to stop by for a cup of tea @ http://dandeliontwist.blogspot.com/2014/07/its-good-day-for-mad-tea-party.html

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Oh Laura, you are ever so wonderful!!!! Thank you for joining in, beyond lovely!! <3 Vanessa

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Oh Laura, you are ever so wonderful!!!! Thank you for joining in, beyond lovely!! <3 Vanessa

Susan said...

what a plethora of goodies! Your teapots are awesome.
Thanks for the invite,

Magic Love Crow said...

I loved the tea and I loved the treats ;o) What a great party ;o)
Such fun pictures ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Such a sweet and charming tea party!! Thank you for having me and for visiting with me at mine, as well! I did so appreciate your comments!

Wishing you a great rest of The Mad Tea Party Weekend!


Laura Morrigan said...

That teapot is really cute and that princess doll is just exquisite! The Alice doll is really cute too! Such a pretty and delicious set up, what fun! I am craving all those treats now!

The Eclectic HOBO said...

Awe love everything at your tea party๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Thank you for visiting my party ๐Ÿ˜Š☕️

Rett said...

I had a wonderful visit at your tea party. I love the jester's sense of humor :) Oh...and the pound cake...I loved that too ;)

Rachel Gallagher said...

Loved your tea party, your Alice and Hatter characters are gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting my tea party too. I got the tea from Whittards, it's part of their special Alice range.

DogsMom said...

Your Alice and Hatter are adorable!


Art @ Home said...

I'm impressed that you're participating…you must have gotten settled into your new home quickly! YAY!

Since I hosted a breakfast party, I think I'll have high tea with you because you have scrumptious looking treats! YUMMY!!!


Jennifer said...

Lovely Laura your tea is just exquisite! I just loved the little characters that joined in!

Art and Sand said...

Everything is lovely, but the Queen's Jester is my favorite and that yummy cupcake has me thinking about ending my stroll through the Mad Tea Party and going into the kitchen to bake.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Jess said...

Beautiful tea party! I love the Alice and Mad Hatter dolls!


Anonymous said...

Ah, for food and drink. A spot of tea goes a long way. Thank you for sharing! Loved it.

Moments Divine

Anne Berbling said...

Fabulous!! Your celebration is delightful, my Dear...I'm so glad I stopped by!

Marilyn said...

Lovely tea, thanks for the treats.
The tea did delight and oh my the jelly beans were just right.

Rhissanna said...

What a fabulous tea table. So many delights! You're absolutely right about the difficulties of balancing a cup of tea on its saucer and a cake, while maintaining polite conversation with a woman who casually has people beheaded. I think she must have been happily distracted by all the wonderful cakes. Thank you for the invitation!

Painting Apples said...

Thank you for thie invitation, sorry that I'm late, had a family emergency but things are on the mend now! What a lovely setting so many colors and fun! I adore your alice shes gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my party earlier I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay!