27 December 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool - Day 27

This month I'm joining Jamie Ridler and Shannon Ridler in their Kickin It Old Skool Blog Challenge.  It's a month long challenge that will encourage us to post every day.  If you want to join in, click here or on the button on the left side bar.

 Day 27 - Final Friday

It's the last Friday of 2013 and Jamie and Shannon have asked us to answer a couple of questions.

1. What will you remember about 2013?
    Honestly, I don't know.  I suppose I'll remember it as a year filled with illness.  But that is the same as the last several years so it doesn't really stand out.  Or maybe I'll remember it for making the decision to put the cottage up for sale - the year my health broke me.  

2. What are you ready to leave behind?
    I would very much like to leave behind my ill health.  I wish it was that easy.

3. What is something you learned in 2013?
    I learned that there is a limit to what a body can take.

4. What would you like to celebrate about this past year?
    That I survived it.

I wish I could have had more cheerful answers.  I spent all day thinking about these questions in an effort to find something good to share.  Oh well.
Here is to a better year in 2014.


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www.alexsings.ca said...

Hard, hard year, Laura. I am very sorry to hear it. I wish you better health in 2014 and whether your health improves or not, I hope you can find the strength and tenderness to recover from the feeling of being being broken by the stresses and strains of ongoing ill-health. ((((((hugs)))))))