11 December 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool - Day 11

This month I'm joining Jamie Ridler and Shannon Ridler in their Kickin It Old Skool Blog Challenge.  It's a month long challenge that will encourage us to post every day.  If you want to join in, click here or on the button on the left side bar.

Day 11 - What makes you weepy?

This one is easy for me.  Everything makes me weepy.  I cry at TV shows, at movies, books, commercials, news stories (good or bad).  I cry when I think of my grandparents or my baby brother that I never really new (stillborn).  I cry when I think of all that I wanted to do with my life and haven't accomplished.  Really, I never know when I'm going to tear up.  It can be frustrating.  But a lot of the crying I do nowadays is from my chronic pain.  I've become very good at putting on a fake smile and acting like I'm fine.  But I always come home, crawl in bed and cry for a while.

Yesterday's show and tell had me going through all my old (digital) photos in a search for something as a topic.  One of the photos I came across ended up making me cry.  I almost used it but decided that I needed to use something more happy.  So today it seems so appropriate for the prompt to have to do with tears.

This is the last photo I took of my baby boy, Dylan.  I spent that morning knowing what was coming and I just couldn't stop holding him.  I took this photo (and several others) the morning he passed.  It's been over 3 years since and it feels like yesterday.  He was my constant companion for almost 13 years and being diabetic for more than half that my life rotated around his.  I would come home on breaks and check on him, he had a special diet and required insulin shots at specific times. 

He was a wild child.  One of those labs that chew on everything and never really grow out of the puppy stage.  Where ever I was, he had to be there too and I was always warm when he was with me because he had to be plastered to my side.  I miss him so much.

Well, now you know what makes me weepy.

I'm off to find out what makes the other KIOS participants weepy.  (and to get a kleenex)

So tell me, what makes you weepy?


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Sherry Smyth said...

I'd say that today's prompt was a good one for you. You were going to use Dylan's photo as your Show & Tell and didn't, and then today Jamie & Shannon provided the outlet for you to share this story about Dylan. Life has a wonderful way of working sometimes.