05 December 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool - Day 5

This month I'm joining Jamie Ridler and Shannon Ridler in their Kickin It Old Skool Blog Challenge.  It's a month long challenge that will encourage us to post every day.  If you want to join in, click here or on the button on the left side bar.

Day 5 - 10 Things about Me!

1 - I love to garden.  Flowers, vegetable, herbs - I love having my hands in the dirt and watching the things I plant grow.

2 - I have an invisible chronic illness.  Two actually - I'm a Type 2 Diabetic and I have severe chronic headaches.  I have not had a single moment without pain in almost 8 years.  I've been through every test and medicine and have found no cause nor any relief.  

3 - I love to cook and bake.  Mostly bake as I'm completely addicted to sugar and am always craving something sweet.  Beginning January 1st I'm going gluten and sugar free.  I tried gluten free for 3 months last year, but it didn't help my headaches.  But I want to try again, not just for my headaches but for the rest of my health as well.

4 - I am a Witch.  I am not Wiccan.  I consider myself to be an old fashioned witch.  I've studied lots of paths and have found many that have pieces that fit for me but no one path had all the answers I was seeking or even felt right.  So I guess it would be best to say I'm an eclectic Witch.  I respect all faiths and respect people's right to believe what they want.  My philosophy is that if it works for you - I'm happy for you.

5 - When I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be a cross between my paternal Grandmother and Olivia Walton.  A big old farmhouse in the country with a husband and a dozen children was all I dreamed of having as an adult.  I have never married.  I was engaged once but it didn't last.  Also, I have never had children (except for the furry 4-legged variety).

6 -When I was 35 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Because the kind I had did not respond to Chemo or Radiation, I had to have a complete hysterectomy.  At the end of January, I will have been cancer free for 9 years.

7 - I am a medium.  That's right.  I see dead people.  I actually see not just dead people, but other entities as well.  I not just see them but hear, sense, feel.  I've had this gift since I was a small child.  I did lose it for a couple years recently as I had never made peace with it and did not respect it.  But it came back about a year or so ago.  I work very hard not to take it for granted and not to disrespect this gift.  I'm also an empath.

8 - I read tarot.  I used to read professionally, but I gave it up when I saw a clients death and couldn't express to her the danger she could be in.  I have started reading for people again, family and friends or friends of friends.  I hope to read professionally again someday.  I am also a root worker or conjure doctor.  I've even been certified!  :-)

9 - I really miss my dog.  I had a black lab for almost 13 years.  He would have been 16 now.  He was diabetic and required lots of special care.  But I took very good care of him.  He was my baby - all 90 lbs of him.  I keep thinking I want another dog, but then I realize how hard a time I'm having just keeping myself and my cat going that I feel like it wouldn't be fair to bring a dog into my home when I can't give them all they need.  But some day, I hope to have another.

10 - I'm a family history buff.  Well, I am sometimes.  Before the cancer, I was a very into my family history and finding out where I came from.  After that I realized I would have no one to pass it on to and I gave it up.  In the last couple years I've slowly started to pick it up again.  

Wow, I thought this would be harder than it was.  I didn't even use all the things I'd first thought I would!  :-)  

Tell me something about you!



Anonymous said...

I thought it was going to be hard to and then when i started listing things I almost couldn't stop, lol
I wish all the best in finding the path to wellness. Sugar is big on causing inflammation within the bodies systems so getting rid of that may be huge for you over time.
I love your spiritual philosophy -- we each have our own path to walk and none of them are the same.
Congrats on being Cancer free!! {{high five}}
I find your mediumship very interesting. And I can relate to missing your dog. I love my white German Shepherd a few years ago. Timber was almost 12. I miss him terrible still.
Okay, so have a great day my dear and continue to be easy with yourself and think positive thoughts!!

Tink said...

I'm with you on a lot of your list. I have chronic fatigue, so I understand your feelings about the invisible illness. Witch, medium, tarot... Thank the gods I never had cancer. My mum had ovarian cancer at a young age, so I'm regularly checked. Congrats on your almost-9-years-free anniversary!
Thanks for visiting.

Heather Luxion said...

Invisible illness is such a great way to describe what you experience. And it reminds all of us to have more patience and understanding with one another, never knowing what's really going on for people that we can't see clearly.

Congrats on being cancer free for nine years! May you have many, many more decades cancer-free to come!

Sara Carbaugh said...

This was fascinating to read! So many amazing things in your life and I am so happy to hear you have been cancer free for so long! I'm sending you big virtual hugs! :)

Marianne said...

Oh I have been called a Witch...see my list of ten and you'll see what I am talking about. I as into Wicca 10 years ago and learned quite a lot about myself. I agree with Dawn. Stop the sugar now....don't wait til the first of the year. You will see amazing results.
Love your list and love getting to know you more and more each day.

Steph Snider said...

Congrats being cancer free! :-) Lyli looks like 2 of my furbabies.

I am an eclectic pagan as well. Nice to meet you!

Diana Bukowski said...

What an interesting list! So happy to meet you!