12 December 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool - Day 12

This month I'm joining Jamie Ridler and Shannon Ridler in their Kickin It Old Skool Blog Challenge.  It's a month long challenge that will encourage us to post every day.  If you want to join in, click here or on the button on the left side bar.

Day 12 - 10 things I know for sure...

1 - I will always be grateful for the fur-babies i had/have.

2 - I will try very hard to never take my gifts for granted again.

3 - Gardening will always soothe me.

4 - I'll never stop believing in love and hoping that it finds me.

5 - Sometimes you just have to let it go.

6 - Each moment should be cherished.

7 - Things are rarely what they seem at first sight.

8 - Magic happens.

9 - I have to keep trying no matter how much I feel like giving up.

10 - Things can always get better.




Marilyn said...

What a nice list.
Yes, things can always get better.
Furr babies are extra special.
Gardening is soothing.
And sometimes we must let it go.

Johanne said...

My garden is covered by snow right now. Every spring, it is a joy to see plants (and weekds) come back to life.

mxtodis123 said...

You have a great list, and I thank you for the link.