30 January 2007

Things are looking up!

It looks like the tide is turning. I got to see the doctor when I was with my Grandmother yesterday and she is probably being released from the hospital today! Yay!! They say the antibiotic is working and she should get better soon. She already seems better. I'm going to leave work today and help my mum take her to her new home. I'll probably spend a few hours there with her helping her get used to it and figure out where everything is.

Tonight is knitting class and I haven't gotten any more done than I had a few days ago. I hope to maybe get those last few rows finished today while Grandmother is napping. We shall see! I'll try to get a picture of my progress on it soon and get it posted.

I still didn't get any work done at home last night other than two loads of laundry. I know I won't get any done tonight either, but maybe tomorrow I can get to it. I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow for my best friend's oldest daughter. I don't get to see them often so I'm looking forward to it. And this weekend I've got to get the house clean and get all the supplies and stuff ready for my trip! Yes, I'm going back to CANCUN! We leave on the 10th and come back on the 17th. I'm so looking forward to it.

Alright, I'd best get off of here and get some work done. I'm not leaving the office though because I need to be ready to go when mum calls to take Grandmother home!

Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes. I appreciate it!


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