12 January 2007

knitting progress

The night before last there was no progress to report on the knitting front. I was planning to spend the evening in front of the fire knitting, but was waylaid by a request from my mum for some family history information. That required me to dig out my ancestor charts, family group sheets, etc, etc and took well...all night. I went to be shortly after the basketball game (UNC won by the way) around 11ish.

Last night, on the other hand, I spent knitting. I'm still having trouble getting the whole when to yarn over thing and when I sat down and looked at it I felt like it was just wrong. So...time to kiss the frog. Yep, I ripped the whole thing out and started again. I knitted until about 11ish last night, until my eyes were crossing in my head, and then went to bed. The problem I'm having now is that while I think it looks okay, I don't think my needles are long enough to keep all the stitches on it that I have to. I'm supposed to keep repeating two rows of instructions over and over until the stitch count on a row is 170. But I have tiny little needles (size 8 us). I'm not sure how close I am to getting to that point because every time I tried to count the stitches as I went, I'd lose count. And I have the sweater so mashed onto the sticks to keep from losing stitches that I cant count them that way. Ugh... maybe tonight I'll get to do some more knitting and find out how many stitches I have. I know it is over 100, but I'm not sure how far over. :-)

I don't have any pictures of the knitting today mainly because I felt like I'd be showing the same thing as last time. But I just can't make a post without a picture! So, here is a pic of my baby kittie. Actually, he isn't the baby. He is my first kittie that I ever had. Isn't he cute hanging through the bars on the rocker?

The red eye isn't from the camera. He occasionally gets well ... possessed. And when he gets this way, his eyes literally turn red. He runs through the house chasing ghosts or fairies or something and actually tries to climb the wall. When he was a baby we used to get such a kick out of him. When I first got him I was very worried because he has blue eyes and there were suggestions that he might be deaf. But he isn't. Other than a weepy eye, he is perfect! He is my baby (he's 12 years old, btw) and I love him.

Okay, I'd best get back to work. I'll try to check in later with more knitting progress and maybe a photo of it.


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