01 January 2007

New Years Day Tradition

To me, New Years Day is a time to bring new things to my life. My annual New Years day tradition is to cook. I used to go to my mum's for New Years until about
seven years ago. That year, I came home to find that the house had
been broken into and I'd been robbed. They didn't get much but it
was very disconcerting and ever since then I've made a priority to
stay home for new years.

I always cook a traditional southern New Years
Day meal to bring good luck into my home.

On the menu: Ham


black-eyed peas


So, the day was spent in the kitchen, cooking, baking and cleaning up after myself. It was a great day. I love being in the kitchen. I love cooking and enjoying the results of my efforts. In between stirring, chopping and mixing, I played with my new camera. These pictures come out so much better than with that old palm zire I was using. I still have a lot to learn about how to use it, but I'm really excited to have it.

Oh, I forgot to mention what I made for dessert!

Chocolate Chunk Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Tomorrow is back to work for me. I'm not looking forward to it. I wish I could get over my cold. I was feeling better this morning, but the pressure has built up in my right ear again and the congestion seems to be getting worse. I hope it means it is breaking up. Now I have a fever blister on my lip and a strange red mark just beside my eye. It is very sore and keeps getting larger. Being sick is just no fun!

Okay, I'm off to try my brownies and see how they taste!



Lana said...

Wow, I have not had black eyed peas since I left Texas. Up North we don't do the black eyed peas on New Year's. Hmmm...? The brownies look yummy too. I'm hungry!

Patricia said...

Your pictures are really beautiful-like the new layout too! Sorry to hear your cold is also lingering, hopefully, it's on the way out.