22 January 2007

Old news

I just realized that I had promised to post photos from our day of snow last week and had yet to do it. Sorry! My brain has been on overdrive lately and I just have tons on my mind. I can't keep up with anything!

Here are a few pictures from our snow. Please remember I live in the south, so there isn't much in the way of snow. :-)

This particular photo I took in the parking lot at work from inside my car. It was really coming down. :-)

To the left is my bird feeder after the snow had pretty much quit. As you can see, I need to feed the birds. I haven't done that in a while. I don't know the official amount of snow we received, I was just happy to see it coming down.

And last, but not least...In an unusual turn of events school was not canceled or delayed that day, so my co-worker and I had to go out into the county to deliver some equipment. While riding out in the northern part of the county and getting lost (because I was navigating and couldn't remember how to get there) we stumbled upon this house. I had to take a picture of it because I just thought it was so beautiful! I love old houses and as I explain to people who ask why I have such a fascination with them, when I look at an old house I see what it is, but I also see what it was or could be. Even ratty old shacks that are falling down. It is like there is an overlay on top of what is really there that has the grand beauty of it showing. I don't know...it is hard to explain. Someday I hope to be able to find an old house that is in need of love and bring it back to the life it deserves. :-)

On the knitting front, I had to frog my sweater again! I had gotten all the rows done that I needed to for the part I'm on, but I had too many stitches on the last row and when I looked, my yarn overs were not in the right places. ARGH!!!
So, this morning, while sitting in the doctors office having some tests, I ripped it out and started again. Tomorrow night is class and I would really like to get in there having complete this first part correctly. So, I suppose tonight while watching Prison Break and 24 I will have to work very hard on it. Although, I may have to wait until those shows are over so I can concentrate on the knitting. :-) Both of those shows require attention in order to make it through them and know what is going on.

And here's a question...while I'm sitting in the doctors office this morning, the receptionist comes in and is coughing, sneezing and just sounds horrible. She tells the doctor she just doesn't know if she can make it because she feels so bad and has been throwing up all night. Now the doctor I'm there seeing is a general practitioner so he would treat this kind of thing. He tells her she needs to see someone about her cold. Um...hello...why can't she see him? Are doctors not allowed to treat their employees?

Anyway, after spending an hour and a half in there with her, I sure better not get sick!


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