09 January 2007

The fun starts tonight...

It has been a long day. I had some problems at work earlier that really got under my skin. But the good thing about today? I start my knitting class tonight! I'm very excited! Finally I will understand what all those abbreviations mean and be able to look at a pattern and know what to do. And I'll be able to knit something other than scarves! Yay!

I need to run by B&N to pick up a book for a book club that I'm in. I have to have "The Four Agreements" read by next Wednesday. Supposedly it is a small book and hopefully a quick read. I need to get that and The Lakota Way and also Julie Garwood has a new book out I want to read.

Anyway, last night was mostly cleaning and getting the trash to the street. I also did some laundry and watched some of the bcs championship. It really wasn't much of a game!

I was just watching the movie Slither, and let me tell you...it sucked! Literally! I couldn't even watch it I thought is was that bad. I am mailing that one back to Netflix having only seen about 20 minutes of it. Ick!

Next up is Monster House. It looks cute! Well, I'm going to run. I need to get some work done and I need to leave by 4:30 so I can get home, get the kids all squared away and then get to knitting! Yay!


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