17 January 2007

I am just not getting it...

So I went to class last night very excited about the progress I'd made on my sweater, only to have confirmed for me that I was doing it wrong. I spent the two hours of class undoing more than doing the knitting. I am still not quite sure I'm getting the whole yarn over thing. I think the problem is the row of purl between the last row of yarn over and I can't quite recognize the seam stitch. Ugh... of course when I got home I had to finish reading the book for the book club and couldn't work on it. I read until about 10:30 (I did finish the book) and then went to sleep. I was very tired.

I hope tonight after the book club meeting that I'll get to work on my knitting and try to get the hang of it before next Tuesday night's class.

On a weather note, it has finally gotten cold here and I am thrilled. The current temp is at 32 degrees and they are calling for a light wintry mix here tomorrow. I am hoping very much that they are wrong and we get an amazing amount of snow. That would just make me so very happy.

Anyway, work is very busy today so I must get to it. I missed about an hour earlier due to an appointment with the vampires and am now playing catch-up. Guess I'll have lunch in again (I've been doing really well on that front and saving loads of money by not eating lunch out every day) and then I need to leave a little early for the book club meeting as I must get home and take care of the beasties first.


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Lana said...

It took me two years to try and understand YO's in knitting. I can now d them without a problem. I feel your pain. Maybe with practice they will come out good. I don't know. LOL!
I wish you luck on the sweater. HUGS!