01 February 2007

Snow to sleet to bleh...

We started out with snow this morning, but we are now down to sleet and freezing rain. The snow was so pretty and I really wish it had stayed. I ended up coming home early from work because well...there just wasn't anything to do and I really didn't want to be there.

In knitting news, I finished the first sleeve of my sweater and am now stuck...again. The cast off of the sleeve came at the end of the first skein and now I'm supposed to knit on the back. Do I just tie the next skein onto the needle and start or do I tie it onto the first stitch of the row I'm going to start on? The teacher is at the shop tomorrow so I'll probably stop by there tomorrow to see what to do to get started on the next step. I hate to wait until Tuesday because I should have some time this weekend to work on it.

Tomorrow night is a circle event that I'm going to for Imbolc. I'm not sure how I feel about it because I don't like big groups and I hear there will be a lot of people. I feel like I'm never home anymore. It seems like there is something going on every night. Oh well...better to have stuff to do than to have nothing to do.


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