27 February 2007

Crazy days..

Is it just me, or is everyone else experiencing craziness all around? Somehow I don't think it is just Mercury Retrograde that has everything spinning out of control, but maybe it is.

There is all kinds of fun stuff going on with new classes and spending more time with friends. And now my Grandmother is back in the hospital. They can't seem to find what is wrong with her and may not know until tomorrow.

Oh my. Anyway, just a short post to say hello and let everyone know I'm still alive. :-)

Tonight is the last knitting class in this section. I've signed up for another round that starts near the end of March. I'm almost finished with my sweater and am looking forward to being able to post the finished pictures soon. I'm really looking forward to giving it to my friend for her baby. I hope she likes it.


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