02 September 2015

what to do when the work isn't working...

Around the middle to end of July, I came out of hibernation.  That is what it felt like.  Hibernating.  Or maybe I was just hiding.  Since then, I've been reconnecting with my inner witch.  I finally took the time to find the right spot in my home to set up the altars I had in my old home.  My poor items had been in storage for almost two years and I missed them terribly.  At times I have wondered if my difficulties in settling in to this new life of mine had been the Gods way of telling me to stop neglecting them.

Once the altars were set up and I started the process of reconnecting to them I felt more awake, more alive.  I spend time with them each day.  Lighting the candles when it feels needed or just sitting at the altar and listening. 

Feeling like I had come fully awake, I began to do work.  There were various situations that needed attention and I felt a spiritual/magical boost would help.  One particular situation had been on my mind for a long time and I felt that it was time to give it that magical spurt to lead it to its conclusion.  I spent some time sitting with spirit, listening for what my guides suggested I do, then found an astrologically auspicious day for this type of work.  (I don't always go by astrological times, but every boost can certainly help.  However, I do follow the basics of the Moon - waning for releasing/banishing, waxing for attracting/growth.)

I settled on what I needed to do, made notes in my book and collected my ingredients.  I prepared everything carefully and set the candle to light.  From the beginning the candle sputtered and hissed, not stopping until the wick extinguished itself a few hours later.  This situation would not go down without a fight.  Afterwards, I felt that I would need to do more work on this situation, that it wasn't resolved yet. 

Therefore, I burned two more candles, the last one burning quite clean and quietly.  I was satisfied with my work and let the situation go.  To me, it was over and done.

Apparently not.  The situation has come back to me and seems to be intent on making a home here.  I am now at a level of extreme confusion as to what to do.  I had been going back and forth for so long and having finally come to a conclusion to end things and let it go, I felt at peace.  Now that this has re-entered my life, I'm remembering good things about it and wondering if I should let it stand.  When I consulted the cards earlier today, I felt more confused.  

Since the work appears to not be working, I'm going to let things sit for a bit and see what happens.  Maybe it will resolve itself without my having to do any more workings.  Maybe the workings I've done just haven't had long enough to get the job done.

How do you handle workings that do not appear to work?

love & blessings


Ms Misantropia said...

Being an atheist, I only believe in psychology. I don't know what it is you're dealing with, but meditation, cleaning one's spaces or centering you thoughts through a task or a ritual are all proven to work on the mind. But maybe what you need right now is to take a step back and focus on something else, maybe something creative like gardening or painting a room?
I hope you feel better soon.

Aine O'Brien said...

Well, my advice would be to give it more time and see what happens before doing something else or repeating the work. Sometimes I find that I am just not patient enough. As time goes on, things change and sometimes unexpected events happen. If after a long time you feel you want to do the work again, then you should. But often we are too impatient, and in the otherworld the concept of time is quite different than ours. I find that having a sense of surety about a working is a very powerful and magical ingredient. When I am finished with a working I say something like "It is done" and then I keep that mindset every time I think of the situation. Of course, this is my way. You should always go with your gut.