05 September 2015

just a regular ol' saturday...

I love September!  The cool air first thing in the morning, the way the light changes so very quickly, yarn, pumpkins...what's not to love?  I took a page from Mary and tried the little acorns.  They are so cute and yummy.  Click on her name and it will take you to the post in which they are referenced.  She has the most lovely displays that she does and the recipes are great.

A couple of days ago I was hunting through Ravelry for something to knit.  I'm wanting a very light weight shrug to wear as so many of the clothes out now just don't have enough sleeve for me.  I came across a pattern that I fell in love with and ended up ordering the book it was in.  It arrived today and I'll be hunkering down with it soon to decide what to knit first.  Everything in it is so pretty and cozy.  I looked at the pattern for the shrug and thought, oh my word...what was I thinking?  

Well, just like with anything else...practice, practice, practice.  This is something I find I am reminding myself of constantly.  No one is perfect at something the very first time.  Well, maybe a very few are, but I'm not one of them.  So, I'll keep doing things that make me happy and working on things over and over until I get them right.  

My neighbor was getting rid of her giant snake plant she'd had for thirty odd years.  She let me take what I wanted from it so I potted up a couple of the bulbs.  I've never had a snake plant so will need to do some research into how to care for it.  I'd been wanting something to put in that planter that my granddaddy made and now I have it.  Hopefully the plant will like it there.  For some reason I want to call her Marge.  I have NO idea why...

I am off to start dinner.  I'm cooking a pork tenderloin and making some rice, then I'm mixing some together with a few spices and stuffing one of those giant peppers I bought at the farmers market yesterday.  

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.  US Open and college football for me.  Are you doing anything special for the labor day weekend?  

thanks for stopping by, 
love & blessings



Aine O'Brien said...

Oh yes, it's almost time to plan all my crafty projects that I will never finish!!! (or start!!) Fall is a dreaming season, and I love it.

Roselie said...

Ooh those little acorns are the cutest! I bet they test delicious, but we don't Hershey Kisses nor the other ingredients in Greece so I can't make them and I 'm not that good of a cook to make them myself.